New Zynga CEO is taking Farmville Seriously ( a must read )

Zynga HQ: San Francisco July 26 2013
Zynga’s new CEO “The Don” Don Mattrick doesn’t want to waste any time getting down to business with Farmville. According to a report from GamesBeat he has set up his work station right in the middle of the Farmville Studio. This may explain this week’s major farm glitches. Nervous developers make dumb mistakes when they are suddenly “supervised”. How would you feel if your CEO soddenly started checking your work? Recent issues aside, this should in the long run make Farmville and all Zynga games run better. In his 90 day plan, Mattrick vows to get “hands on’ in all aspects of the Zynga empire. Starting with QUALITY CONTROL and ACCOUNTABILITY…The foundation of any successful company. I’d say this is a step in the right direction.
See the full GamesBeat story by Jeffery Grubb here: 

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  1. When I read about him I knew right then things were going to change for the better. Seeing is believing though. Zynga did hire a good one.

  2. bring back email/customer support. there's no one to turn to when real problems arise, like farm cash issues, not getting prizes, etc. and farm expansions for coins. new farms keep rolling out but older farms are locked at 20x20 unless we buy with farm cash. i'm not spending real money on a game where there's no email/customer support.

  3. Don't TELL me, SHOW me! Will reserve comments about "The Don" for now. Farmville couldn't hardly get much worse, so he has his hands full. And if the people are "nervous" because he's there among them, MAYBE they have reason to be nervous!! Please fix, what used to be THE BEST game online, Farmville!!

  4. Just heard a business report on the radio that said Zynga's FarmVille has lost 45% of its players. Too bad it had to get this bad because if it works right, I still LOVE FarmVille. So I hope he can bring it up to speed in a hurry. Asking my friends for 'fixes' is not customer support.


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