NaKeD Dirt Famer No.16: To “like” or not to “like”

The NaKeD Dirt farmer is a continuing series of articles dedicated to insight into this addiction we call FarmVille.Opinions stated in these pages are editorial on all things FarmVille and Zynga.
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What's one of the easiest ways to start a Farmville debate? Just start talking about why people cannot seem to hit the “like” button when claiming a reward…That’s how. Some people assume their item was snagged by a Third Party App while others get mad at the rudeness of others for not taking a split second to hit the “like” button. The problem is that there really is no way to tell. We all play the game by our own standards and at our own pace.

We have some folks who “like” everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. Every single Water Can, Animal Feed, Coin Bundle, Quest Help and Sparkle Seed. And, that’s nice of them. They are not hurting anyone. Just be aware that if you play all day and like hundreds of items a day you may trigger Facebooks SPAM alarm and have your account disabled from “liking” or commenting for several hour or even days.

Then there are other more selective “likers” who carefully choose what posts they click “like’ for. Usually for items that took the poster time to create. Such as Foals, Trees, Insta-Grows, UnWithers ect. Or for any item that is RARE or IN DEMAND in the game. Again, this seems to be a noble and acceptable practice to most Players.

Some Players actually don’t even need the newsfeed. Self sufficient Farmers do exist in the game. These Farmers may occasionally “hunt the feed” in order to help other Players by clicking their Quest Help, Countdown Help, Escapade Help and Voting Help posts…Some may click “like” so that their friends are aware they received their help. Some may want to give anonymous help…I’d have to say help is help with or without a “like”. Most often give a “like” in this case because they also received help from the post as well.

Then we have those who claim all day without giving a single “like”. These are the games “snipers”. They strike without warning, take what they want and disappear into the night. They infuriate their friends and leave posts on the newsfeed that appear unclaimed. Considered rude and lacking in decent manners by most…we still need to remember one important thing. You can only control your own actions. You can only your standards and morals up to yourself. Trying to hold others to higher standards only leads your own frustrations. In other words: Don’t drive yourself crazy worrying about what others do or don’t do. It’s a game. You made and posted the reward item to benefit a friend or neighbor. It did…so don’t get aggravated because they didn’t say “thank you” or didn’t hit “like”. It’s a game…have fun!        

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  1. Selective LIKES...Just click the's a millesecond out of your life & it makes a lot of people happier. And that's what playing games is all about...having fun & being happier.

  2. I "like" the items I pick up from the wall. That lets other folks know that one item is taken, and there may be more to grab. It also lets my neighbor know there's someone in the game who's interested in helping and sharing. If folks aren't liking, I assume they aren't interested and I stop sharing that item. I love my friends who click "like", it's a connection between us, and I especially enjoy their comments. Those connections make this more than a game (which is sometimes a chore) enjoyable. Friendships grow that way!

  3. its a game. Not life or death. I used to get so ticked off but at this point im not not going to let it ruin my gaming experience. after all just because someone didnt "like" or say thanks for taking something doesnt mean the end of the world. theres always going to be 50 other neighbors that are going to have that one tree or currency bundle again in a matter of seconds in some instances. So whats the big deal? games are supposed to be fun not stressful!! :)


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