Launching The Dirt Farmer Farmville Items Info Site

Dirt Farmer Farmville Items Info Site

Ever have trouble remembering what a Farmville item that you just know you have somewhere looks like? Just wondering what farm something goes on or what theme it was from? We now have a one stop address for you with all items in Farmville that you can sort by item type, or customize your search by the item’s real name or even its market theme. Check out the details below and please do share with your Farmville friends if you find the post helpful.

To check out the all new site, simply visit and start exploring.

Once there, you can search all items or click the top icons to sort by category. It will search with every letter you type, so you may not need to even type the full name.

Dirt Farmer Farmville Items Info Site Search

Once you have found what you seek, you will see the item’s name and image along with its in-game coded name (which can be used as reference to log the bugs). Want more information? No problem… Simply click the red question mark beside the item image.

Searching something in Farmville

On clicking the image or question mark, you will get a popup box with all relevant information on the item including cost, mastery numbers if applicable and related info as applicable. Market information and dates are also available. You will also find that we have made available the feed images (200 px and bigger than regular size images) for you to check and possibly use whenever you try to reference/share it to anyone in the game.


Detailed info on any Farmville Item

We hope you will enjoy the all new Dirt Farmer item info site and that you will find much useful information there. Explore the site once to find out more ways of searching for the info that you need, with the least possible trouble. If you have any suggestions, you can currently send us a message on our Dirt Farmer Facebook Page. Looking forward to hearing from you. Happy Farming.

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  1. Love it... I am anxiously awaiting the farm identifiers for sure... my gift-box is loaded with animals & trees etc. that I can never quite decide where they should go until box is too full and I end up plopping them where-ever I am (or where they fit).. usually with regrets (still need half my shipping licenses.)
    This is big big /exciting stuff you guys put out for us.... HUGS for all the hard work!!

  2. Thanks so much, this is much needed ( for me, at least!)

  3. it would be nice to also have what farm each item is supposed to go on ty


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