Farmville Pegababies

It seems that Zynga Farmville may soon be introducing a new feature to your farms.. The Pegababies.. Check below to see what we have found and remember to share this post with your friends if you find it helpful.

Here’s a list of the names of some of the baby animals that will be a part of this feature as a pegababy.

Pega-Badger Cub

Flying Fox Baby

Pega-Corgi Puppy

Pega-Dragon Whelp

Pega-Mallard Duckling

Brown Baby Pega-Elephant

Pega-Fennec Kit

Mini Dream Pega-Giraffe



Baby Pega-Koala

Pega-Lynx Cub

Baby Pega-Monkey 

Pega-Otter pup

Pega-Potbelly Piglet

Space Alien Pega-Pig

Pega-Puma Cub

English Pega-Lop Kit

Here's some high resolution animations of 8 of the Pegababies.

Brown Baby Pega-Elephant
Pega-Mallard Duckling Baby Pega-Monkey
Pega-Potbelly Piglet English Pega-Lop Kit
Pega-Lynx Cub
Mini Dream Pega-Giraffe

This is all the info we have on the Pegababies as of now. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for any updates as they become available and remember to share the post if you find it helpful.

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