FARMVILLE: Dumb Criminals (episode 1)

When GOOD Farmer’s go BAD…It ain’t pretty!
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn-June 29.2012 Credit card fraud usually involves pricey spending sprees for electronics or clothes or even online gambling, but one woman is facing a felony fraud charge for buying imaginary items online.
Clarksville Police said the suspect, Belinda Blake stole $4,200  building fictitious cities and fake farms on Farmville.
"I guess you can do basics with the game if you just go online, but to do all the cool things you got to invest," said Jim Knoll with Clarksville Police.
The problem was that the Blake wasn't using her own money. As an employee at the Super 8 Motel off Wilma Rudolph Boulevard, police said she stole a guest's credit card number information to purchase the Facebook gadgets.

The woman, who was visiting from Illinois, tells us by phone she was astonished when she saw her credit card bill with $4,200 in Facebook charges.
"It was ultimately $5,000 in charges for imaginary stuff," said the victim.
"I have to give her credit: she was up front, 'yeah I did it' and she didn't deny anything she was very forthcoming once we started to interview," said Knoll.
But she wasn't quite as forthcoming with Super 8 motel. The staff  didn't even know about Blake's arrest that is until News Channel 5 told them about it. They refused to comment on her charges but they did confirm, she's still an employee at the motel.
Blake didn't answer the door at her Clarksville home for comment.
What she doesn't know is that her Farmville metropolis maxed it out the victim's credit card and she almost couldn't buy plane tickets to her son's graduation.

It was infuriating because here was this person who spent $5,000 of what is my money on non existent things, and it was going to cost me to miss a very important milestone in my son's life," said the fraud victim.
The woman in Illinois did get her $4,200 back from Facebook and essentially, no one really lost any money because nothing tangible was purchased.
According to Clarksville Police,  Blake admitted to taking other credit card numbers from guests at the Super 8 and she could be facing more fraud charges in the days to come.

Super 8 would not comment on whether Blake will keep her position behind the front desk of the motel.
source: Kim Gebbia Chanel 5 News Nashville Tenn.
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