Farmville Sweet Acres Decorations

Like all other new farms, Zynga Farmville’s Sweet Acres farm has its own unique decorations. We have found some images for you to have a look at some of these all new decorations. Check out the images below and please do share with your Farmville friends if you find the post helpful.
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Blue Lollipop Lamp Post

Butterscotch Flies

Strawberry Shack

Candy Blossom Planter

Candy Carousel

Candy Guy Gnome

Candy Worker Gnome

Candy Heart Fence

Candy Lane Forest

Candy Scoop

Candy Car

Cookie Path

Cupcake Dog House

Cupcake Ferris Wheel

Marshmallow Moat 1

Marshmallow Moat 2

Marshmallow Moat 4

Marshmallow Moat 5

Marshmallow Moat 6

Dessert First Gnome

Double Scoop Gnome

Root Beer Gnome

Strawberry Shake Gnome

Sweet Tooth Gnome

Gumball Topiary

Gumdrop Arch

Gumdrop Drive

Gumdrop Fence

Ice Cream Cart

Ice Cream Mobile

Lemon Drop Plane

Soft Serve Forest

Lollipop Lamp Light

Lollipop Lamppost

Lollipop Street Lamp

Marshmallow Mushrooms

Marshmallow Volcano

Milkshake Waterfall

Rainbow Cookie Arch

Red Lollipop Lamppost

Ribbon Pop Grove

Rock Candy Fence

Rock Candy Fountain

Secret Candy Cave

Wild Cupcakes

Sugar Geyser

Sugar Lane Park

Sweet Street

Sweet Tooth Wheelbarrow

Taffy Bundle

Frosted Windmill

Soft Serve Forest

Coconut Haystack

Candy Sleuth Gnome

F and V Gnome
Marshmallow Moat III
Marshmallow Moat III

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