Farmville Sweet Acres Buildings with Purpose

Zynga Farmville’s all new Sweet Acres, aka the earlier mentioned Candy Wonderland farm is all set to go live… Below you can find image previews to most of the Candy themed buildings that have a purpose, like breeding, storage, etc… Check them out and share the post with your Farmville friends if you like it… Happy Candy time…
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Sweet Acres Aviary Sweet Acres Cow Pasture Sweet Acres Livestock Pen
Candy  Aviary Candy Pasture Candy Paddock Candy  Livestock
Sweet Acres Pet Run Sweet Acres Wildlife Pen Sweet Acres Zoo Sweet Acres Storage
Candy Pet Run Candy Wildlife Candy Zoo Candy Storage Cellar
Sweet Acres Garage Sweet Acres Gnome Garden Sweet Acres Orchard
Candy Garage Candy Gnome Garden Candy Orchard Candy Crafshop

Upon completing the various animal pens, you’ll be rewarded with a free animal. See below for the prizes.
Candy Aviary Coconut Puff Chicken
Coconut Puff Chicken
Candy Pasture Candy Striped Cow
Candy Striped Cow
Candy Paddock Frosted Filly
Frosted Filly
Candy Livestock Neopolitan Pig
Neopolitan Pig
Candy Pet Run Coco Kitty
Coco Kitty
Candy Wildlife Pixie Stick Porcupine
Pixie Stick Porcupine
Candy Zoo Circus Peanut Elephant
Circus Peanut Elephant

Well that’s it for now, remember to stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

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  1. These farm sheds used in games look so good and easy to make. I have seen this game and enjoyed making it.


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