Farmville Upcoming Farms : Picture Spoilers

Recently we brought you the news of some upcoming farms planned for Farmville. The next planned farm appears to be candy themed. Shortly after that survey, they released another with many choices. It seems that the many choices have now been narrowed to two Fairy Tale Forest and Harvest Fall. We have some images for you of what the possibilities are and a link to take the survey yourself if you choose. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.
The first question on the survey is an interesting one. It seems that Zynga may be hearing the cries of many farmers, in asking if we are open to new expansion farms. Note: Expansion farms means NEW FARMS. It does NOT mean COIN EXPANSIONS.


The second screen in the survey is an image preview of a Fairy Tale Forest themed farm. You can look at it for as long as you like before advancing to the next screen to give your feedback.


Feedback this time is a little different, simply a smiley face on a screen. You move the middle cursor to the left toward the frown if you do not like the theme, and to the right toward the smile if you do like the theme.

The next screen is a preview of a Harvest Fall themed farm. Again you can look at the images for as long as you like before proceeding and giving feedback in the same smiley/frowny face manner as you did with the Fairy Tale farm.


Zynga will give you a free unwither for your trouble.


What do you think? Are you interested in either of these new themes? Happy that Zynga finally gave you a chance to vote on whether you even want any more farms? Do let us know.

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  1. The Harvest fall is very nice, but we do already have Enchanted Glen do we another Fairytale themed farm? They are both cool though however, although it would be nice to have some more places in the world themes, like Paris, Rome, New Orleans . I think I would go for the Autumnal Farm best though, I like the colours.

  2. I took the survey, said "no"at the first question and got the unwither. Hope they get a lot of "no's ".No more new farms please. Let us work on al the others.

  3. I don't care for either of these. I'm with Jane, more world themes versus a play on what we've already gotten.

  4. I do like the Fairy Tale one, but for now enough is enough. When they introduced Lighthouse Cove I seem to recall it was only for a "limited time." I think that was also for Jade and WW as well. And now we sit here with so many farms that it is impossible to keep track of them without a notebook! I think they may be trying to keep the game "fresh" as they say in the business, but they are losing people left and right. You would think they would get them message. It is just getting to be too much. So I will play as I wish. But I really am tired of all these farms.

    1. English Countryside was the farm that was only available for a limited time and to only players above Level 10, eventually they made it a permanent farm after probably the complaints from players wanting the farm and didn't have it.

  5. NO NEW farms!!!! They should give us finally expansions for coins for the existing farms, especially Mistletoe, Enchanted and Jade! This Fairy Tale they can put on the place, where the sun never shine!!! I HATE all this stupid junk, I want a FARM with real animals and trees!!! The only new farm, which I would accept, would be an african themed farm.

    1. Totally agree on that one, we need more space !!!!! and if they want us to grow 100 + crops for quests we need large farms to do that and none of us are going to be able to purchase the expansions ( as if anyone in their right mind with have that kind of money to buy fake money).

      African Jungle farm would also be cool. Or India would be good too, these novelty farms are cute but proper places are better.

  6. The survey has already expired. I would prefer coin expansions on the existing farms rather than being a "digger" of and for new farms... This is really annoying, too many farms and so low potential they give...

  7. survey was expired when I went to take it, however... while I would prefer to have coin expansions on the existing farms as well (particularly everything after haunted hollow), I'm not averse to new farms either, be they legit new farms or expansion farms. I think the fairytale forest theme is adorable, but I'd be open to either (or both) of the themes they showed. I do wish they'd do something with lavender meadow, though.

    all that said, lately the only farms I'm working on are the ones I haven't gotten the shipping licenses for - so glen, atlantis, australia, this new space one, plus the hanging gardens. makes things much easier, especially since I quit doing the limited time crops and the leaderboard challenges. don't have time for those anymore, unfortunately. so much for my crop mastery boards, lol.

  8. i want the fairytale forest to be the next farm


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