Farmville Turbo Rings

Zynga Farmville will soon be releasing specific Turbo Rings for all farms after the Australian Turbo Ring. Just like the Australian Turbo Ring, the prices of these rings will  be 299 FC as well. We’ll keep you updated as there’s new info available. Below are the images we have found of the upcoming Turbo Rings. Check out the post and share with your friends if you find it helpful.

Turbo Ring
(Home Farm)

English Turbo Ring

Lighthouse Cove Turbo Ring

Winter Turbo Ring

Hawaiian Turbo Ring

Jade Turbo Ring

Haunted Turbo Ring

Misletoe Turbo Ring

Enchanted Turbo Ring

Atlantean Turbo Ring

Australian Turbo Ring

Celestial Turbo Ring

What do you think? Will you be buying any of the Turbo Rings for your favorite farms? Do let us know by commenting on this post and don’t forget to share it with your friends.
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  1. i will probably buy the Turbo Ring(Home Farm) they uselly give me pop ups with items on discount alot so it probably be on it

  2. That's crazy,If people would stop buying these things at the high prices just maybe they would lower the price,this goes for buying early into a farm,I'm not wasting my FV cash.. you'll get it free and it's only a game so what's your hurry,only a few buy first and not all neighbors will,but if you wait..more neighbors and twice the fun !

    1. ...and then Farmville would cease to exist! How do you think you get to play the game for free? Do you think there is a money fairy handing Zynga cash to pay for their employees, utilities, rent, supplies, systems upgrades? If people stop buying FV cash to purchase early access, etc. there will be no more free games such as Farmville for playing!!!

  3. too much to buy on all farms. They need to upgrade & give us in craftshop permanently.

  4. I will not purchase, since turbos never work properly for me. Yesterday I redid the same crop 5 times, gave up and used the combine. Even though I purchase farm cash on a regular basis, I have no access to customer support via email or live chat. All I ever get is a run around. Also will not be buying any more unwither rings. If it's a high dollar item they can keep it.

  5. I bought it for the Aussie farm and it has not worked since I got it. Zynga does not seem to care or do anything about it. Their brand is becoming less than reliable. Very disappointed.

  6. Is Zynga going to release any more Turbo Rings? I'd really like to have one for my Home farm and maybe Haunted Hollow...


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