Farmville New Farm Survey : Hints At Farms to Come

Farmville and Zynga have been hard at work coming up with ideas for new farms. Celestial Pastures is slated to release on Monday, a candy themed farm has already been teased to come up next and today a new survey with many options for the following farms in the fall and winter. Take a peek into Zynga’s crystal ball and see what may be to come. Remember to play your way, you do not have to play all farms, enjoy those that interest you. Please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

A look at the survey choices, many interesting options to choose from. They’re asking us to rate each choice from 1/2 star to 5 stars.


The First option is a Fairy Tale Theme, brings to mind the Fairy Godmother gnome, beanstalks and floating castles of the past.


Next up Ducksylvania – seems a little too much like Haunted Hollow to us, but Count Duckula is a popular character each year at Halloween.

Choice number three is Harvest Fall – an autumn theme free of fright.


Fourth in line Victorian Gothic. This is my favorite, a darker theme with historical flair.


Next up Autumn in Europe. The mention of Tuscany here is exciting. It was a favorite them for many long time players and one that would be loved by many for sure.

Choice number 6 is Wizards and Witches, a fantasy theme reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons…


At lucky seven is New England Sleepy Hollow. The New England theme from 2010 was also very popular with farmers and as a trivia tidbit, brought us our first mini horse. If this choice wins we could farm alongside Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman.


The 8th option makes it appear that Zynga is thinking even further ahead. A Toyland theme would seem to fit more with the winter holiday season and less with the autumnal themes of choices prior. If so we are likely to see a total of seven new farms this year…

The final theme to mull over and vote on is Enchanted Nights. This dark fairy theme seems to venture back into the fall season and to us is a little too close to Enchanted Glen in idea.

If you would like to take the survey yourself and give Zynga your feedback on these possible new farms click here. If you do in fact opt to do so, Zynga will give you a free unwither for your trouble.

What do you think? Are you intrigued by any of these choices? Do let us know your favorite.

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  1. Way to many problems with the farms we have now and they are getting boring. As for the new gift items to purchase, they too are boring. Please make new houses,differ style barns,and even make cars or trucks avalible to buy. Also thinks that every item should have a choice to buy it with coins to rather then all Farm cash. I would like to have bigger farms but can't because there is hardly a coin option to buy and make them bigger. Do a deep woods farms or a more modern themed farm that isn't so boring or more toward the female side. A few of my male friends play but thinks it's unfair most farms are female friendly. LOL

  2. how about a sports themed one for the guys...

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