Farmville Celestial Pastures Planet Dirt Farm :Unreleased Space Items

We have found a sneak peek at some unreleased items for you of items that will be coming to Celestial Pastures AKA Planet Dirt. Check out the preview below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful

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Cosmic Chicken Cosmic Egg Starcher Cat
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Milky Way Mare
  Pulsar  Unicorn
Space Mantaray
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Pulsar Unicorn Foal Glowing Banana Tree Milky Way Foal
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Orion Oasis Cosmic Dust Tree Sloog’s Dessert
Sloog Tree Sloog’s Lair Space Alien Hound
Floating Space Alien Hound Guardian Unicorn Guardian Unicorn Foal
Sunset Dragon

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  1. I recommend to zynga to watch movie's like Stargate and Close Encounter and others this has nothing to do with "Space" more with "Spacecake" lol!


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