DF REPORTS: The CASH COW (Rated 3 & 1/2 Stars)

The Cash Cow

Rated 3and 1/2 Stars out of 5 by the Dirt Farmer Team
With 6 out of 10 Dirt Farmers giving The Cash Cow a THUMBS UP!
We can recommend the Feature for several reason…Unlike other FV$ harvesting items, this one will pay out 3 times the initial cost instead of only double…Other pros and cons are listed by the DF TEAM below

Rina Levi Celikel It's a good deal if you are a daily player. I log in to my farm daily and even though i usually don't travel to all farms every day, the option to get back triple what i paid for will make me travel and harvest each and every one of them. Even if you have real life issues and don't have a chance to log in to your farm and miss a couple of harvests i still think its worth it. You are getting what you paid for it back and all the rest is a bonus is the way i see it.
Heather Chew Quattrone Harvest time is too frequent and most players will likely not realize the full benefit, if not from vacation or real life issues consuming their time then from loading issues. Things go wrong too frequently to have a use it or lose it daily cash feature.

Beatriz Rodriguez Prada 4 months to just recover the investment IF and only IF you collect daily is not a good deal. After that 1FVCash as profit is very low and not worth the effort.

Susan Henricksen I think it is an awesome deal! I bought two of them

Stassi O'Conners I will buy one. Since I do all my planting for quests on my English farm that is where it will land. Tripling my FC in a year sounds like a sound investment to me. SOLD.

Prashanth Sarda Well, a good bargain for anyone that plays every day... even if not triple, you would get double atleast for playing regularly, and harvesting it regularly... Zynga should always have done it this way instead of just double the investment, as most of them tend to forget it when its a week apart...

Jason Creagan The harvest time is a little bit of a draw back, however, tripling your money is a good deal. And if you harvest it 120 times, everything after that is pure profit, so even if you manage to miss a number of days, you can still easily come out ahead on this. Another potential drawback of course, is something going wrong with the cash cow, and possibly not being able to get timely support to get it rectified, since contacting support is a bit awkward these days. Overall though, it's worth the risk to invest in this item.

Wende King If I am considering buying the Cash Cow ...the first thing I have to ask my self is "Do you think you will still be playing this game a year from now?" ...in order to reach the full payback. And the answer to that question is YES.... Unless I am DEAD, I am pretty sure I'll be playing this game a year from now. And second question... "Do i log onto my Farm EVERY day in order to Harvest the Cow?" Again, answer is Yes! ...I mean I MAY miss a day here or there due to travel but I rarely miss logging in. So for me ....I will get my money back ...and then some. Plus I like the Decoration too ...There is no way I could pass it up. I am planning to buy 2. If you are someone who is not SERIOUS about Farmville or only checks into your Farm every few days ....I would not invest in this Cash Cow.

Ioana Anger For me its a thumbs down,I know that I will miss days, due to travel, vacation etc, internet connection not working but beside all that, I have to remember not only to log in on my farm every day, but to go to that one farm where I place the cash cow. I don't visit all my farms daily, it depends on the new farm, on the new quests and so on. I even forget to harvest my money tree so its a no. Before buying the players should think of their schedule, how they manage they farms daily, how and if they visit the farms daily then decide accordingly.

Gabý Gereige I vote undecided... First of all it's a good deal having us to triple our cash amount we have spent during one year, but the ripen time for it is very fast (1 day) and players might tend to forget to harvest it, maybe if they tripled the amount and made it harvestable like once every few days/ or kept it once a week, would have been made a better deal for it... And it's a good deco to have on farm.

Dennis Chrome If something comes up where you cannot log into your farm for a week or two then you lose those harvests or even if your not an everyday player you'll miss out as well
But if you can log in everyday and place it next to aviator so you remember to harvest it, then it would be a good deal since you can get back your money after 3 months and from then on it is profitable.

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  1. I bought a couple; I log in daily and am unlikely to forget, so in a few months I'll have the money back (which I had lying around anyway due to having cash trees, so this is just bonus). And if at some point I decide to quit playing, well who cares if I lose harvests then, as I won't be playing anymore :P

  2. I gather from these comments that if you do harvest the CC every day you triple your funds back, that if you do not harvest daily then you forfeit 1/3 of that return. Is this right? I don't see any actual details of the guidelines for this CC. I want to get one or to but want to know exactly what the rewards are and what can be lost without harvesting daily. There was one really valid point that I agree with. If something goes wrong as they often do with Zynga how the heck do we get any support? They have such a neglect for their customers I am leery of spending that much for this item. Zynga support sucks at best these days. The card I bought, at Target specifically, to get a special unicorn still has still not been given to me. The lack of Zynga support all started the same week I bought that card. And now Zynga has had a layoff? What to do? lol Still very unsure about trusting them again at all.

  3. The last run on the cash calfs (which is half a cow but same principle) I did buy 8 Cash calfs. I did harvest them very often already after 1 FarmVille day (which in normal time is 23 hours). Due to travel and some times not being able to harvest right on the 23 hours I lost a couple of harvests on all Calfs. BUT I still did manage to collect MORE then 180 FV cash from all of them. Yes its time intensive (specially if you collect them through the night) but very profitable.


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