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DF Image GalleryWe often post a lot of images related to the game that you like to share around. We have made thousands of such images on our Facebook page, and hence it can sometimes take a while to find the one that you want to actually share from the archives.

Below is a selection of pictures from our Facebook page which are widely popular. You can click on the images to go to their proper location on our FB page, and then share them from there.

Just click the image you want to share and you will be redirected to its original link on our Fan Page from where you can share as usual
Beware of Farmville Aviary Eggs Careful what you click on Farmville quests
Cheat Checker Apps are BUSTED Clearing Flash Cache
Contacting BBB DF on Youtube
Close the Space Travel Popup DF Speed Test
Dirt Farmer LIVE! Facebook Inbox Scam
Farm BEAT reminder Farmville Countdown Trick
Farmville Duck Screen Farmville Egg Claims Info
Farmville Dragon Scales & Dino DNA are Random Farmville Feed Limit
Farmville Leaderboards Crop Specific Farmville Quitting management
Flash Crash or Plug Unresponsive General Stay Safe Warning
Farmville Settings under the game management How to avoid putting another in FB Jail
Join our Groups Safety on the Zynga Support Site
Sharing posts from groups The Hanging Gardens Blocks

If you would like to suggest any more additions to this list, kindly drop us a message on our Fan Page… And remember to share this page with your Farmville friends to help them out too… Happy Farming everyone…

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