Carnival Booth Updates 3rd June 2013


Here is the weekly round of all the  Farmville Carnival Booth updates in a single post, so that you need not check multiple posts for every single mini-game… Remember that the prizes may change if they have been posted before the actual release of the game… Once we get confirmation, we shall change the post to show  ‘Confirmed’…

The Farmville Mystery Game this week has an Asian theme… It has been re-stocked with some older Asian  themed animals ... Here are the prizes confirmed by the Dirt Farmer team listed below… Costs 15 FC per dart to play the game…

Rare Rare Uncommon Uncommon Common Common Bonus
Farmville Orlov Trotter Horses Farmville Tibetan Blue Bears Farmville Mini Panda Farmville Malayan Peacocks Farmville Corsac Foxes Farmville Green Pheasants Farmville Musk Deer
Orlov Trotter Horse Tibetan Blue Bear Mini Panda Malayan Peacock Corsac Fox Green Pheasant Musk Deer

The Raffle Booth will not be changing for the prizes again this week… Below are the expected prizes for the Raffle Booth this week

Odds 1:500 Odds 1:200 Odds 1:50 Odds 1:20 Odds 1:5
Orchard Gold Floppy Bunny Fertilize All Large Can of Fuel socialplumbingmysterygift
Orchard x1 Gold Floppy Bunny Fertilize All X3 Large Can of Fuel X5 Special Delivery x25
Do you like this single post for the Carnival mini-games stuff? Let us know your views…

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  1. I like this stuff, even if no one else does, I like the horse especially. Ferris Wheel though only gives me Darts on Wednesday and Sunday-don't have enough bushels to craft any either.


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