Farmville Craftshop Revamp Guide

Recently the Farmville Craft Shop has undergone a complete overhaul. It includes a new interface, new permanent and limited edition recipes and new additional stations. For a current list of available recipes and their requirements click here.  Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

The all new Craftshop not only has additional stations, a new look and new recipes, it also loads data differently. You will need to click a few additional times to bring up specific bushels available. The result of this is that the game seeks and loads less information at a time and there is less freezing when interacting with the Craftshop.

When you place a craftshop you will have one station already available to you. To expand, simply click on “expand now” on the first locked station.

The first 5 additional stations will use the following parts.

1-6 Wrench Pipe Clamp

Note : According to coding you will need 5 of each part per additional station, however that can only be used as an estimate to prepare. Since Farmille added “smart buildings” actual parts for each level of each building will vary by player. As you can see in the below screenshot, mine is asking for 6 of each.

The final two expansion stations will use the following parts. 

Again the coding requires 5 of each part per additional station but results will vary up or down by player.

7-8 Metal Wire Oven Rack Copper Pipe

A look at the new interface


Once your craftshop is fully expanded, or if you opt to use less than the maximum number of stations you are ready to craft. To select what to craft just click on the appropriate button in the middle of the popup, specials, parts, consumables, decos or all. 

Once you have selected a craft, you will use the make it button to glean more information.

 If you simply hover your mouse over the make it button, it will tell you how many bushels you will need.

Then simply click on the “make it “ button and it will bring up the number of friends selling each bushel type. From there you can click on “get ingredients” to purchase bushels from friends or “Buy ingredients” to purchase ingredients for farm cash.

“Get ingredients” brings up the familiar shopping list with your friends. This method only has the game search your neighbors for bushels for just the one recipe at a time, instead of every bushel used in the craftshop. This is less taxing and time consuming and therefore the craftshop should freeze significantly less.

As you can see here I can get cotton from Dirt Farmer Cory and Soybeans from Dirt Farmer Dennis to make my recipe. The normal 3 bushels per friend per day applies. Another recent improvement appears to be the bushel you need appearing first, instead of requiring significant scrolling.

Once you have your bushels, simply close your friends market and click make it again. This will start your recipe.

Make sure to check the specials tab often. There are frequent LE recipes released that allow you to make such things as horses, cows, organic fertilizer and unwither. They only remain in the craft shop for a limited time, so make what you want before time runs out.  Similar to the market, the clock in the upper left of the recipe will tell you how much time remains to start that recipe when you hover over it.

 We hope this will be helpful to you in navigating the new Craftshop. Do let us know. Happy Farming!

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  1. I think they should get rid of some items in the craftshop but only when the player has earned a three star mastery on the crafted item. Also the number of neighbours we have in farmville has to increase to 1000 instead of 300 so we have more opportunities to do doubles plus also help our neighbours with craft items they may need for their game. Also we should be able to ask anyone to be our neighbour who play farmville and not be forbidden to have certain farmville players not allowed to become our neighbours. Also I hope Zynga could help speed the game up. Everytime they add a farm or new item, the game slows down considerably. In the future many farmville neighbours won't be able to play the game due to the slow download of the game on a 4G network.

  2. I have lost all my neighbors but 41. They continue to ignore me on this complaint. I didn't start playing craftville and would love to go back to farming, animals, and trees. Now crafting required on quests and leader boards, not fair and equal if you don't return my neighbors!

  3. I have never been able to do this, " the craftshop was changed to enable you to make 6 of the same item in the same craftshop at the same time." Has everyone else been able to? Janice Newton

  4. for thoe of ypu that are having problems with your craftshop (cant do 6 of the same)try deleting farmville from your apps.. i do this pretty regualr and it keeps the game more "updated"

    I love the crafting myself and I see turbos in the image above.. I would craft for turbos everyday.. i dont care about the mystery darts but instagrows and turbos save us some valuable time

    1. Hello, for turbos try the puppy love quest. After stage 1, wich is very simple, you get a turbopack. End the quest and do it as often as you want :)

  5. Yuck, hate this! I make craft shop items primarily to accomplish quests and to productively reduce my inventory of bushels (it's good to at least be getting masteries rather than just dumping bushels), and it's nice to be able to make the few things that are actually useful (good riddance on the last update to that Modern Table!). When browsing the craft shop for something to make, I'm looking for what do I have, or nearly have, the bushels for, what bushels are needed, and whether friends have what I need. The new interface totally defeats all these purposes, putting any useful information at least one click further away. Changing the "look" of the bushels at the same time totally throws me off. Change is not always good; I don't mind two new crafting stations but I would gladly give them up to get the old style shop back.


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