Turbo Ring: Speed Unlimited

Turbo Ring
Zynga Farmville is all set to release a new type of Super Item in the game… Just like we have Unwither Rings to protect us from withering crops on our farms, we will soon have the Turbo Ring, a special ring that when placed on farm, will allow us to farm faster with vehicles, but without using turbos…
Below are some images and details about the newly released Turbo Rings… Check out the post and share with friends if you find it interesting…
As you can see from the above intro pop-up, currently, the Turbo Ring is only available for purchase on the Australia Farm… Yes, its already in the market, for a whooping 299 FC… It is not sendable at the moment, but that can change later… Also, if it works to be a good bargain for Zynga and the players, they might release similar rings for the other farms too…
Turbo Ring Market
Once you buy the ring and place it on your farm, you should be able to use the Vehicles in turbo mode, without actually using any of the Turbos from your inventory or Giftbox… Hope that this happens as it is intended, and is not glitched….

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  1. suckers born every second

  2. 299 cash for the ring only to work on the tiny Australia farm

  3. why in the world would they do this for such a tiny farm? Only people with tiny brains will be getting in on this glitch of a sale.. totally asinine

  4. Shoot-- well worth it for me. I use turbos all of the time. I just have to figure out how to make it work.

    1. And, it worked just fine. I hope they release for other farms.

  5. back to the rules and harvest by hand. the price is kidding. never ever buy this ring

  6. Wish it was for the Home farm rather then the Australian farm but bought it anyway get enough Farmcash from ads and offers that its not really that expensive


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