The Giant Level 2 RUMOR : Don’t Waste Your Farm Cash

Recently a RUMOR has been started and is making the rounds regarding Zynga making certain level 2 trees available only for farm cash. This rumor is FALSE and we have the facts for you. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

As you can see from this image of our latest market update post, there are indeed some Giant Level 2 trees currently available in the market that have no level one counterparts.  This DOES NOT MEAN that you cannot get them for free as you can with any other level 2 tree.

How would you go about getting these trees for free? Well the answer is they are available the same way as every other level 2 tree in the game

ALL of these giant level 2 trees are in mystery seedlings that you can collect from your friends on the game feed.  If you enjoy collecting and watering seedlings, you are as likely to get one of these trees as you are any other level 2 tree in the game.


ALL of these giant level 2 trees can also be shared and collected via the game feed just like every other level 2 tree in the game. If your friends water seedlings, or breed and share trees, you can obtain them free from watching the feed and claiming them from their posts.

These methods are the same ones that anyone who does not stuff orchards, or generally opt to purchase level one trees would use to obtain any level 2 tree in the game.

So as you can see the Farm Cash Level 2 RUMOR is FALSE and these trees can be bred or obtained free like any others. The ONLY reason to possibly spend farm cash for these trees would be impatience. No need to pay unless you must have them right now. You can easily obtain them for FREE if you WATER FEED SEEDLINGS or KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE FEED.


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