FVDF IDEA SQUAD: A FarmVille Cash Bank

DISCLAIMER: This is a proposal for a new item or feature for FarmVille. This is not a current or even unreleased feature.
Many of you may have tuned into FV RANT RADIO on Monday May 5th 2013 and actually heard this idea develop.
We proposed making a FVCash Account Tab or FVBank Tab that could be used to undo mistakes that take FVCash from Players.
In the past Players could simply go to Chat or email Customer Support to complain when the game or their own mistaken clicking cost them FVCash. Since Player Support is no longer available to the majority of players our proposal seems even more timely.

452dThese are the current Upper Tabs on the Game Screen
Our proposal would mean adding one called MyBank

It would read similar to a credit card statement
With a list of all your purchases…A list of every Tree, Horse, Expansion, Quick Grow, Gift and basically everything you spent FV Cash on.
If there is a charge you didn’t make through a game error…you can dispute it
If you mistakenly click on something that you did not know would charge FVCash…Then you can reverse the charge within a certain time limit. Basically returning the item , service or tool.
Personally I often can’t remember if I’ve bought a Horse or Tree sometimes pass on buying the item because I don’t want two of them. With this I can check my account history and see if I bought the item or not.
For Zynga…The ability for us to manage our own FVCash account would mean a huge decrease in the number of Customer Service calls.
What can cause a FVCash error?
1. Player ErrorBasically we click on something that spends FVCash unknowingly
Most of these can be avoided with a 2nd pop-up asking if we really want to spend the cash…Sometime Zynga forgets to install these 2nd pop-ups
2. Game ErrorRecently there have been a rash of “stolen” FVCash from millions of accounts…Called a possible systematic error by Zynga executives…The Player outrage often jumps to the conclusion that Zynga is greedy and untrustworthy…May not be the case and I would suggest Zynga realize the Players rage and get proactive with dealing with these issues.
In conclusion:
We believe that this proposal of a FVBank can not only help the Players manage their FVCash but also save Zynga valuable Customer Support time and greatly improve Player relations…
What do you think?
Comments are welcome
DISCLAIMER: This is a proposal for a new item or feature for FarmVille. This is not a current or even unreleased feature.

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  1. OR a RESET button, to reset your farm, including getting back the cash you spent by accident or did not spend but had taken from you..you hit reset, and things go back the way they were a few minutes before~

  2. Ah Dirt - this is genius - this is logical - this would make life so much easier - but I fear that Z will most likely not see the importance of customers. That seems to be the road they are travelling down of late .... rather sad I think.

  3. awesome idea....but knowing how "un awesome" things work at zynga, I have to have doubts. Too bad DF staff can't take over FV :-)

  4. hmmmm.... hi, names Ci'mron Renee, an they do listen, it justs takes a long time to sink in...... this is a true wonderful idea... have you thought to maybe make this like a petition of players... one to justs sign... not to make rude comments... but one that would show... that le players of their wonderful game that all those designers work on day an night... that le little mistake, neede repairs of this issue... ???

  5. love it love it love it...would save me writing down how much and what I spend my fv$ on

  6. I have been fighting with them to get my 45 dollars in FARM CASH back. It is about time


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