FVDF IDEA SQUAD: Buildables with some Imagination

DISCLAIMER: This is a proposal for a new item or feature for FarmVille. This is not a current or even unreleased feature.

Okay…Let’s face facts. The Mini Buildable in the game were kinda cool at first. You can build one per farm and harvest for Currency Bundles, Coins or even Crop Seeds. This idea has, in my opinion, has run it’s course. Unless we can get some imagination thrown into the mix. I’m not sure exactly how many more serene natural Hot Springs, Geysers, Ponds or Spas my farm can handle…But, I do have a few ideas “)
Our Farms are basically little small towns…a slice of rural American or Europa or Australia or Asia. Depending on where you are. We decorate the farms as best we can making them as interesting as possible. I can remember using the Post Office, School House and Restaurant decos to make my farm look like a small village. So…why not run with that. Take elements that make a small municipality and incorporate them into the game.
(This was another idea first talked about on FARMVILLE RANT RADIO )
Here are a few examples of Buildables that I would like to see in the game…That I would enjoy having no matter what reward it harvested for.
A Sheriff's Office
I gotta think Mayberry and wonder…What’s a small town without an Andy?
I’d be happy with this Buildable even if it was just a Coin Spitter.
But, we can do better than that…What if it gave us “Farm Cash Off for good behavior”. Zynga could set aside a few Horses, Trees and Decos that we could accumulate “discounts” for. Once you have 26FV$ accumulated in this feature…you get a free Horse. (the price of a horse)
A Counter Surveyors Office
These are the people that draw and maintain the boundary lines for property in a community. Just a little office building like you see in every small town. How about having this one grant us “Building Permits” that would lead to Coin Expansions?
A Fire House
I know we have a FV Fire Station from Rewardville…But, It’s only a deco. I’d like one that actually has a purpose. Again, it would be fine if this was only a Coin Spitter. Although…if we use our imagination. We could have a Fire Station that harvests for WATER CANS! …nah, we got that. Maybe FIRE PEPPERS!…nah, we got that too. How about 2 hours of “Fire Protection” that grants you Double Bushel Bonus when used? I like that idea and it would add a strong game twist to the tactical players.
A Farmer’s Curb Market
We’ve all seen them. Usually roadside and organized by the community. Local Farmer’s gather to sell their goods. We already have something similar with our Market Stalls. But, what if…they made it a “Bushel Spitter”? Not just any Bushels but the “Hot Crops” needed in the current Quest Crafting or popular Craft Shop Crafting. It may lighten the load of all the bushel feature malfunctions and keep players who do craft very happy. Gee…I’m kinda getting good at this “imagination” stuff.
It took me a few minutes to dream these up. I’m sure there are many more ideas better than a new Hot Spring with a different name…What do you think?If anyone at Zynga cares to read this…feel free to use any and all of the ideas we come up with…please.
At no charge even “)

DISCLAIMER: This is a proposal for a new item or feature for FarmVille. This is not a current or even unreleased feature.

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  1. I quit building the harvest for coin buildings but would build the above suggested ones! Great ideas!!
    What about a bank, wall street, or some type of investment building. Your 'deposit/investment' would be first star of a crop or tree which would bring returns of double mastery towards the second star, and that in return would give triple mastery towards the third/mastery star.

  2. How about a trading post that you can sell your items in your neighbors based on your price and vice versa or we can trade items to items in your neighbors.

  3. some of these ideas rock man I hope they come to life, I would use a few myself.

  4. Thank you for the efforts you been putting on making your site such an interesting and informative place to browse through.


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