Farmville Unreleased Items 03/05/2013

Farmville and Zynga will soon be releasing some new items into the game, featuring a Racing and Sports Theme, A Picnic Theme, a Marriage Theme, and a World Food Program Theme… Here is a small preview of some items we have spotted showing some of the animals and trees that will come out with these releases…
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Racing Dragon

Racing Pegasus

Racing Pegasus Foal

Racing Unicorn

Racing Unicorn Foal

Bull Riding Bull

Bull Riding Bull Calf

Cyclist Cow

Cyclist Calf

Hiker Calf

Hiker Calf

Droopy Dragon

World Food Program Stallion

World Food Program Foal

Pegacorn Of Plenty

Pegacorn Of Plenty Foal

Picnic Chicken

Picnic Mystery Egg

Strawberry Milk Cow

Strawberry Milk Calf

Grizzly Jack Bear

Peppy Dragon

Beach Koala


Safaricorn Foal


Mummycorn Foal

Denim Donkey

Denim Donkey Foal

Glitter Peacock

Stylish Stallion

Stylish Stallion Foal

Cala Lilly Pegacorn

Cala Lilly Pegacorn Foal

Ballerina T-Rex

Shopping Sheep

Wedding Crasher Goat

Maid Of Honour Cow

Maid Of Honour Calf

Bugler Pig

Monterey Stallion

Monterey Stallion Foal

Sorrel Beauty Horse

Sorrel Beauty Foal

Maitre’d Duck

Spring Dress Patterned Tree

Preserves Tree

Seedling Tree

Rollercoaster Tree

Fresh Coat Of Paint Tree

Unripened Fruit Tree

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