Farmville Animal Pen Harvester

Zynga will soon be releasing a brand new vehicle to the farms, an Animal Pen Harvester. Check below for more info about this new vehicle, and remember to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful. . .

First we have a look at the loading screen:

Next, the initial pop up when the Animal Pen Harvester arrives on your farm:

Some tutorial images related to the harvester:


Note: Orchard Harvesters and Animal Pen Harvesters require fuel to function. Their energy cost is 3 as opposed to 1 for other vehicles, which means they will consume 3 units of fuel for every individual building harvested (not per click, per building)

When selecting your Animal Pen Harvester for use, you’ll be taken to a screen allowing you to choose a pattern:

Below you can see some of the pattern arrangements to choose from to harvest your pens with:
Pattern 1 – Single Row Arrangement (20x1 or 1x20)
In this harvesting arrangement, the Animal Pen Harvester will harvest the pens that fall in one single line, i.e. up to 20 pens in a straight line… The below pictures illustrate this for you:
Pattern 2 – Double Row Arrangement (2x10 or 10x2)
In this pattern, you will be able to harvest up to 20 pens that are arranged in 2 adjacent lines  (illustrated in the below pictures)… When used, the vehicle will harvest a max of 10 per line, for 2 adjacent lines:
Pattern 3 – Rectangle Arrangement (4x5 or 5x4)
In this pattern, the Animal Pen Harvester will harvest the pens in a rectangle arrangement of 5x4, or 4x5 as per the depicted pictures below:

Once you’ve harvested your pens, all your rewards will come up on one screen to share with your friends:

At this time, we have no indications as to how much the animal pen harvester will cost, but as with the Orchard Harvester, it will likely be a cash item, and an expensive one at that. As with all vehicles, it will also only be available to use on whichever farm you purchase it on.

That’s all the info for now. So, will you be buying an animal pen harvester for your vehicle collection? Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info, and remember to share with your friends if you find the post helpful.

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