Farmville Jade Falls Quest Guide: Chapter 18

Farmville Jade Falls Chapter 18 Quest

Expected duration of this Farmville quest is from 30th May 2013, to 29th June 2013

Note: These are all farm quests and repeatable… Requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them… Images will only show up when they are available in the game files… For updated list of crop alternatives that can be used for quest planting, click here

Quest Story: You are back in the Jade Falls for a short visit. Help Sakura relive her journey and commend her firework craft. 

Quests Info

Quest Icon Water Reflections Reward
Quest 1 1. Harvest 30 Red Nori (8 hrs)
2. Harvest 30 Grouper (11 hrs 30 mins)
3. Craft 2 Milk Tea
Siamese Friendly Fish Pond
Quest Tips: For the Craft check the DF Tea House Guide Crop alternatives Nori (12h) Siamese Friendly Fish Pond

Quest Icon Plentiful Thoughts Reward
Quest 2 1. Harvest 35 Brown Rice (11 hrs 30 mins)
2. Harvest 35 Nori (11 hrs 30 mins)
3. Craft 2 Hamachi Maki
Asian Rosewood Tree
Quest Tips: For the craft check the DF Tea House Guide Crop Alternatives Red Nori (8h) Sticky Rice (23h) Rice (12h) Asian Rosewood Tree

Quest Icon Downy Time Reward
Quest 3 1. Harvest 40 Chinese Cotton (23 hrs)
2. Harvest 40 White Cloud Tea (8 hrs)
3. Harvest Asian Rosewood Tree 2 Times
White Komodo Dragon
Quest Tips: Harvest the tree in the Orchard... Crop Alternatives Forbidden Tea (23h) White Komodo Dragon

Quest Icon Seeing Green Reward
Quest 4 1. Harvest 40 Green Onions (7 hrs 30 mins)
2. Harvest 45 Jade Bamboo (11 hrs 30 mins)
3. Harvest White Komodo Dragon 2 Times
Wandering Sage Gnome
Quest Tips: Harvest the White Komodo Dragon in the Zoo Pen.  Crop Alternatives Bamboo (16h) Wandering Sage Gnome

Quest Icon Sun Spices Reward
Quest 5 1. Harvest 45 Wasabi (11 hrs 30 mins)
2. Harvest 45 Azuki (7 hrs 30 mins)
3. Craft 3 Chow Mein
Mystery Game Dart
Quest Tips: For the craft check the DF Tea House Guide… Crop Alternatives... None Mystery Game Dart

Quest Icon Lotus Wonders Reward
Quest 6 1. Harvest 45 Lotus (23 hrs)
2. Harvest 45 Chinese Daikon (7 hrs 30 mins)
3. Master White Komodo Dragon to 1-Star (5 harvests)
Shiba Inu
Quest Tips: Harvest the White Komodo Dragon in the Zoo Pen.. Crop Alternatives Forbidden Daikon (8h) Shiba Inu

Quest Icon Sleeping on It Reward
Quest 7 1. Harvest 50 Edamame (46 hrs)
2. Harvest 50 Horseradish (11 hrs 30 mins)
3. Harvest Shiba Inu 2 Times
Olympic Asian Pear Tree
Quest Tips: Harvest the Shiba Inu in the Pet Run. Crop Alternatives ... None Olympic Asian Pear Tree

Quest Icon Inner Spark Reward
Quest 8 1. Harvest 50 Imperial Tea (23 hrs)
2. Harvest 50 Ginseng (8 hrs)
3. Harvest Olympic Asian Pear Tree 2 Times
Chinese Gazebo
Quest Tips: Harvest the Olympic Asian Pear Tree in the Orchard, Crop alternatives Forbidden Tea (23h) Forbidden Ginseng (23h) Chinese Gazebo

Quest Icon Raised with Love Reward
Quest 9 1. Harvest 55 Baby Carrots (23 hrs)
2. Harvest 50 Baby Corn (23 hrs)
3. Master Shiba Inu to 1-Star (5 harvests)
Moonbear Cub
Quest Tips: Harvest the Shiba Inu in the Pet Run.. Crop Alternatives Forbidden Carrots (23h)  Moonbear Cub

Quest Icon Fire on the Mountain Reward
Quest 10 1. Harvest 55 Snap Peas (46 hrs)
2. Harvest 50 Sticky Rice (23 hrs)
3. Harvest Moonbear Cub 3 Times
Book of XP
Quest Tips: Harvest the Moonbear Cub in the Playpen.. Crop Alternatives Brown Rice (12h) Rice (12h) Book of XP

Quest Icon Forbidden Arts Reward
Quest 11 1. Harvest 55 Sesame (23 hrs)
2. Harvest 55 Lowland Ginger (11 hrs 30 mins)
3. Craft 3 Moon Cakes
Oriental Shorthair Cat
Quest Tips: For the Craft check theDF Tea House Guide... Crop Alternatives Ginger (18h) Oriental Shorthair Cat

Quest Icon Finale Spectacular Reward
Quest 12 1. Harvest 60 Jade Peanuts (69 hrs)
2. Harvest 60 Dragon Sparklers (8 hrs)
3. Craft 3 Firework Flambes
Chinese Dragicorn
Quest Tips: For the Craft check theDF Tea House Guide... Crop Alternatives - none Chinese Dragicorn
Bushels Required: 6 White Cloud Tea, 6 Azuki, 6 Green Tea, 2 Hamachi, 4 Nori, 6 Rice,  9 Jade Bamboo, 3 Sticky Rice, 9 Basil, 6 Baby Corn, 9 Chinese Cotton, 9 Sugar Cane, 9 Jade Peanut, 12 Dragon Sparklers, 9 Baby Carrot

Note:  As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...

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  1. How can they call this an all farm quest, when you can only plant crops on Jade Falls?

  2. A quest with no begging? Yeeeeee-hawwwwwwwww!!!

  3. the crafts at the last quest part can not be made, the bushels do not end up in the market stall that i got from neighbors walls, and we cant ask for the bushels, after clicking "ask" there is a message that no neighbor has these bushels and then the ask button disappears and the only option left is to buy the bushels for fc :-( and the jade peanut bushel picture is a different one than at the other crafts, that require jade peanut bushels

  4. Will the Shiba Inu be harvested in a pet run? Just trying to plan ahead since the tips haven't been added yet.

  5. Does anyone know what pen the komodo dragon goes in? It won't go into the Jade Habitat so that means I have to build another pen on JF just to get that darn thing to 1 star mastery within the time period of the quest. I'm wondering if the dog and bear cub will also not go into the Jade habitat... *annoyed*

    1. Shiba Inu ==> pet run (all farm)

      komodo dragon ==> ZOO (all farm)

      Moonbear Cub ==> baby playpen (all farm)

  6. I was able to plant dragon sparklers on my Mistletoe Lane farm. Just in case you are trying to grow the jade peanuts on your Jade farm and don't have any more plots left. (final step of quest)

  7. can someone tell me what is the alternative plant for wasabi plant,pls?

  8. baby moon bear wont go in pet run went into baby playpen


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