The Dirt Farmer’s Share & Help Link Groups: What you need to know


In case you haven't heard. The Dirt farmer recently launched our own SHARE GROUP. A place where Farmer’s can share their FV Items and Rewards. A place where you can find those rare Trees and Foals as well as much needed Consumables. We have a SHEEP GROUP a WEEKLY CHALLENGE GROUP and two HELP LINK GROUPS. Click here to find out where to post all your needs for best results.

We’ve all seen Papa Dirt by now. We are now introducing you to Mam Maw Dirt.
The Matron of the Dirt Family, Mam Maw will “oversee” our new SHARE GROUP or as we call it…The Trading Post.

For those familiar with SHARE GROUPS…you will be right at home. For those of you that are new to SHARE GROUPS…we have a few tips in the following VIDEO
You no longer need to be FRIENDS to CLAIM -requesting other group members is entirely up to you.



Be sure to select the NOTIFICATION LEVEL that suites you.
In a share group, it would make sense to see when Friends post, so you can click and claim.

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  1. Lol. I love the comments in your video about the game loading, flash crash, and the popups. My husband hasn't been able to get past the popups on FV for some reason. But he is able to play FV2. I've come to think of Zynga as the pop-freeze patience builder.

  2. What I want to know is, how can someone post a level 1 tree? I've seen many people post them. I want to know because I might want to help especially if it's not too time consuming.


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