As we all know FarmVille is constantly releasing new features, items, tools and gimmicks to keep our interest.
Some are HOT and other's are NOT
So we decided to put our creativity to work for Zynga and more importantly for We the Players
Wonder if they will listen to us...?

TODAY’S PROPOSAL: FarmVille Citizens
February 3rd 2013

In the past we have had several collectible items in the game including Horses, Trees and Gnomes. All have been basically ruined by the manic release of new items. Once we can’t afford to keep our collection perfect or we miss a limited edition due to game issues, our collection is blown and we loose interest in the game.
FarmVille has even tried to reinvigorate the game with new collections such as Sheep Breeding and Pig Breeding. Even going so far as to create new Animal Labs such as the Dinos, Unicorns, Monsters and Toy Animals.

What the game needs is a NEW item. What we need are CITIZENS
Yes, I said CITIZENS. As in People. Can you imagine the possibilities.
We can have Old People and Young People. White, Black, Asian, Mid-Eastern, European and Hispanic People.
We can have Farm Worker People and Tourists on our Farms. We can have a Sheriff with Deputies or a Fire Chief with Firemen. I am sure the Zynga Developers can spin the possibilities to infinity.
We can have CITIZEN BREEDING. Sure, why not. How about a Honeymoon Cottage, A Hospital and a Nursery Ward where Male and female Citizens can make “little ones” that can grow into adult.
Trust me, I am not proposing we have little dudes running all over the Farm like the Avatars do when not boxed in. What I am suggesting would be more like a Gnome or an Animal. A semi static figure that could be place around your farm or in a building designed for them...A Bunkhouse or Hotel.

Of course we have our Avatars. These Citizens would have to work as a different entity. We could have a Male Farm Foreman and a Female Farm Foreman. We could have some of our farms run by a female foreman and others run by a male foreman. We can have Citizens in farm attire that we can place around the farm as workers. We can have Citizens in costumes to be matched with different themes. We could even have Alien Citizens, Astronaut Citizens, Cowboys, Shopkeepers, Beekeepers, Bull Fighters and so on and so on. 
It would be nice if Zynga gave the Players a TOTALLY Coin feature like this, but I am sure this would be a FV$ Item Series. I would argue that a Citizen should have a decent worth. Possibly a value more than a Level One Tree and less than a Horse…Maybe a base of 10 or 12 FV$. Still, wouldn't it be nice if they threw us this one for coins
I personally believe Zynga needs to shake up the game with something new. These stale new features that are basically the same thing with a new face and slight “twist” are becoming so boring. I do realize that what I am proposing is no different than just another class of animal. It does however give old players a chance to start a new collection that they can keep "perfect". Also, it gives newer players a chance to actually have a "perfect" collection.
What do you think?  

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  1. Love this idea! They can also incorporate our favorite football teams,baseball etc!!!

  2. what if fv fell in line with farmtown I think it is called.. where we can hire on to work each others farms for different $'s...

  3. Well, I cannot tell you how often I have tried to HARVEST THE GNOME GARDEN - erroneously, of course. LOL. What I would like is to be able to make different kinds of honey in the beehive. Why a new building - repurpose what's there. Honey made from heather, fir, etc etc :-) I also want the crafting buildings (bakery etc) to have an inside, i.e. where you can like "walk inside" and arrange things on shelves :-) and interact with the avatars of those who purchased :-)

  4. I don't want to play Cityvile or any similar game. I think's better to get down duplicated farms like Mistletoe/Wintwr wondwrlad (they can unificate them) and back to a game more interesting and not so expanded. I would nursery barn gives NEW BREEDINGS. The ultimate thing I want see on the game is PEOPLE.
    In the other hand I think's more useful to fix the reiterative game issues like troubles with gifts, farmcash,breeding, travelling and so.Then, mi opinion is to get better the present features and make more efforts to the comfortable gaming.

  5. SPELL CHECK, DANGIT!!! Spell check. Just.....spell check.

  6. ...and then we will have political parties we can join..... sigh. i just want to watch my crops and breed an occasional lamb.... with glitter on it.

  7. How about things not costing fv$ when we can buy stuff with coins....How about getting things different from quest instead of old animals and having quest that have different things planted instead of the same things planted that you have already mastered. Work on the buildings that need work like the nursey that you cant get into when you put a baby in it.

  8. No, I don't want "people" on my farm. I want to be able to use my first four farms (haven't been able to do that in months). I want everything to work at long last....I want my stable back (it disappeared after a enhanced and I haven't seen it since-and it gave farmhands, too) I want the yellow nursery back, but to grow my babies into adults that look like them...not a brown horse from a unicorn foal or a dairy cow from a winged calf.

    I want things to work...and to be able to expand for coins...used to be able to...I remember the first farm and expanding it for big coins...lots and lots of coins...gave me something to work for...so what do i do with my 150+ million coins i have now? nothing...or the millions of jade and coconut coins...nothing...won't pay 200 million for that yellow farm or the lavender farm though that is nuts....

    In other words, Zynga, give us back what it was that made it the best game to play on FB...

    1. LOVE THIS! from Anonymous (above). Please no more junk, and fix the problems that we are all experencing. Also yes...give us back the original FV.

  9. The game was a lot more fun when there were only two trees and one new horse introduced each week, and a unicorn or stallion every 6 months or so. Now Zynga is more greedy than ever and totally out of control.

    Sheep breeding was very exciting, until they clamped down on it, put draconian rules in place to stop all the fun, and made it almost player-unfriendly. I stopped playing for over a year because of that hateful attitude of theirs -- seeing people having fun then doing their best to stop it. And pig breeding never worked like they promised. In fact, it sometimes seems like nothing ever works like they promised.

    And the huge buildable projects, with false promises of huge awards, is a loser. Look at Holiday Square, as an example. They showed all kinds of great rewards for reaching level 7, which I did. But what did I get? Lamps, cobblestones, and benches. Totally useless building materials, when I was already at the top level 7!

    While the people idea of yours shows imagination, having no people in the game was one of the things I liked about it. If you want people, go to Coasterville.

    The new dairy is fun, but slows down dramatically with multiple requirements for 6 hour or longer items to make.

    So, go back to the drawing board with the people idea. Thanks for trying, but this one is a non-starter.

  10. If I wanted citizens on my farm I would have continued to play FARMTOWN. Cant you come up with your own ideas and not steal other game ideas? Just fix the problems we have now and stop creating new ones.

  11. This is a joke isn't it ?

  12. Wow I kinda like the idea of being able to put people on my farms for decorations. Not breeding them mind you that is just wrong. But instead of always gnomes which most are ugly and stupid. Having farmers and like they said fireman to go with my fire barn and stuff like that just for decoration would be cool. Not to move around the farm can not stand my avatar every time i box the stupid thing in she gets out. Drives me nuts she is always in the way.

  13. I would skip this feature...hope they do not take an interest in this idea...I would rather see a "farm" with large amounts of land, that we build buildings that will store unlimited numbers of animals, make fenced pastures....we could put sheep, cows, foals, horses, on a train and spend coins, click and the train could appear on the new PLAINS....we then could place them in their area, we could enjoy seeing them on the pasture, not tucked away in storage, never to be seen ...we would not plant anything, but on this farm, but would make the feed crops on other farms and send by train to the PLAINS to feed the animals, we can dig ponds for watering, make windmills, silos to hold the feed we have sent there, we can breed baby foals, pigs, sheep,in pretty patterns and colors..the possiblities are endless...and it is still in the FARMVILLE theme...

  14. Bunch of whiners, mostly....

  15. I would rather they fix the screw ups with the game first before adding anymore crap! they other things they could do is at least have more stuff worthy for us to get for coins instead of cash- i cant afford alot and that is gonna make me stop playing if i have to buy things all the time (ie. unwithers)


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