Farmville Gilda’s Crop Challenge Quest

Zynga Farmville has released a new challenge for the players, via the Gilda’s Crop Challenge, an event that lasts from 27th February 2013 till 11th of March 2013… Its similar to the regular quests, the only difference being the fact that you only need to plant crops here, or master them… Well, that can get tricky too as there are lots of options available for most of the crops that require planting, and some alternative crops can be harvested quicker to get over this challenge… Check out below for more details on the post…
To start with, you might not receive a pop-up for the challenge, but then, you can see the building on the bottom corner of your farm… Click on it to get it started, or to view your progress later…

Gilda's Crop Challenge

Instructions: Each stage of the challenge requires you to plant some crops… There is a fast method to achieve that by selecting what crops you can plant as most of them have alternatives… We have listed below all the requirements in the table, and for crops that have alternatives, we have them marked with an ‘*’ and you can refer to their alternatives in our Crops Alternatives post… As for the general ones like Vegetables, Fruits, Grain and Flowers, you can go to the Market, select ‘Seeds’ in upper tab, and then the respective category in the tab below to see what options will work there… Another thing you can do is when you are in a sub-category, like Vegetables, sort it by shortest harvest time, as in the below screenshot, and you can plant the first one that appears there for the vegetables… That should work, unless they glitched it again…

Sort Crops
That’s all the instructions… Do remember to check the Crop Alternatives post for those tasks below marked with ‘*’ so that you can plant crops that have a better timing, and get get through them faster…

Stage # Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Reward
Harvest any 50 Crops
Harvest 100 Vegetable Crops
Harvest 100 Fruit Crops
Unwither x1
Harvest 150 Pink Toadstool Crops
Harvest 150 Grain Crops
Harvest 150 Flower Crops
Vehicle Parts
Vehicle Parts x8
Harvest 200 Mesa Queen Flower

*Harvest 200 Lilac*

Harvest 200 Dandelion
3 Pack of Turbos
3 Pack of Turbos
Harvest 250 Rose Hearts
Harvest 250 Fruit Crops
Harvest 250 Vegetable Crops

Magic Tree
*Harvest 250 Wheat*

*Harvest 250 Cotton*

*Harvest 250 Rice*

Kaleidoscope Tree
Harvest 300 Chamomile

Harvest 300 Rainbow Candy Floss

Harvest 300 Glass Butterfly

Stained Glass Dragon
Harvest 300 Mushroom Fairy

Harvest 300 Golden Poppy
Harvest 300 Fruit Crops

Dandelion Pegacorn
Harvest 350 Brooch

*Harvest 350 Daffodil*
Harvest 350 Vegetable Crops
Book of XP
Book of XP
Harvest 350 Genie Lamp

Master Pink Toadstool to 1 Star

Master Mesa Flower to 1 Star
Cuddly Bear
Cuddly Bear Crop License

* = Refer the Crop Alternatives post for more options
Hope that the info provided above helps you get through this challenge without much trouble… Happy Farming!

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  1. You don't need to use instagrow if you use this guide. You just have to plan ahead. Plant it 2 days ahead of when you think you will need it. Hell, plant it even before then since it will last for 2 days after it's ready! Worst case use an unwither...I have tons of those. Good luck!

  2. they did not say 48 hours. they said 48 days. and that what zygna says the grow time for brooch is in the market. and if you think i'm tying up some field for more than a month on the hopes that zygna will FIX that mistake.... it is not going to happen.

  3. No doubt it's a coding error/glitch that will be fixed. At least some of you have something new to gripe about, so I'm sure that makes your sad day.

  4. 5 minute white wheat DOESN'T count

  5. If you are referring to White Wheat not counting for Step 2, it's because you don't understand the quest. It doesn't say "wheat" -- it says "grain". When you select a crop, use the grain tab in the market. White Wheat isn't there.

    1. Yes. Both white and durum wheat work for the wheat harvest in part 5. I planted and harvested both and both work.

  6. still don't have it on my farm (and yes, I have looked). I would love to get the chance to do this one as it looks simple enough and you don't have to beg folks for stuff.

  7. just give up on Gilda quest to many goods and no way to use them to make produce

    1. People have such strange complaints. This is a good deal & I'm almost done without instant grow. I just don't want to plant teddy bears [strikes me almost as weird as planting those gnomes], so I'll quit after stage 8. Good prizes, reasonable stages [not like that Hawaiian quest with limited crop squares & lots of masteries], no begging - hope we get more like this.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. WOW, talk about inflated sense of worth! Yes, this post definitely tells me something. LMAO! :D

  8. for those who have this challenge, have fun. I dont have it. all i want is the dragon and pegacorn. but since the challenge dont show for me, oh well.

  9. I don't have it either, and I'm rather unhappy about the fact. Reading through the requirements and the prizes, it's one I really would have liked to have done, but it ends the 11th and today is the 5th so even if they gave it to me now, I wouldn't have time to do it.

  10. I Thought I had finished "Gilda's Challenge" only to find NOTHING. First the crops did not register then went looking and no Icon. Gone!!! Gilda Done Skipped FarmVille!!! No Cuddly Bear Crop License. Looks like a FlimFlam Con Game LOL. Oh Well.

  11. I enjoyed this challenge. It's more relaxing to plant and harvest without the hassle of posting and asking others for help with items. I hope we have many more challenges like this one. Thank you for the crop info.

  12. The Gilda's Challenge disappeared yesterday and has not come back...anyone know why?

  13. Finished mine and no final prize/does not show completed....

  14. What is a "Cuddly Bear Crop License"???????

  15. I have been emailing Zynga Support, back and forth, since Feb. 28th because I NEVER got this quest. Don't have ANY of the crops for it available in my market. They keep telling me to "be patient" because it is "SLOWLY ROLLING OUT". Quest will END in less than 24 hours...they won't even send me the prizes, an APOLOGY, or anything to make up for their screw-up. No wonder lots of my friends are dropping this game...I might be next!

    1. I had the sdame thing happen to me and they told me it was a slow roll out but how slow can you be!! I didn't even get the crops in my market!! I didn't even get credit for any of the prizes either so I know how you feel. it gets tiring not getting quests whern they first come out!!

    2. same here no challange so no prizes and i really liked the stained glass dragon

  16. didnt get it either looks like it would have been fun looks like they had nice prizes too

  17. Our phones went out at the beginning of this challenge so it had expired by the time I got back online, I hope it comes up as a repeater soon.


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