Craft Shop Changes: February 7th 2013 (VIDEO)

It seems FarmVille didn’t waste much time making changes to the Craft Shop. It’s been just about a week since we were shown a Survey concerning the Craft Shop, A survey in which we were asked to voice our opinion on what we thought should be changed.
I’m guessing they work really fast or the decisions on the changes were made far in advance of the survey.
Either way, FarmVille once again lives up to it’s reputation of too little too late. Every time they have an opportunity to make meaningful changes to the game…they fall short.

Here is what they did
You can now craft 2 of the same items in your Craft Shop
As shown in the ABOVE image
Unfortunately you can only start one at a time…Then you must wait for one to complete before starting the second
As you can see: I cannot start a second until the first is complete
The Advantage:
You can now have 2 items in one queue. This will enable you to complete Quest Crafting without moving between Farms. That is good.
The other change:
FarmVille has announced that approx. 22 items will be removed from the Craft Shop…Hopefully we will see new, more useful items
We have made a Video to better explain the changes:
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  2. The only way I've been able to have more than one going at a time was to have a craft shop on each farm..and it still seems better than the new way! So, I have to travel between farms, it still doesn't waste 6 hrs.

  3. Whine, whine, whine. Too little, too late? What about players who are newer to the game. It's not too late for them.

    Does everyone think this game is only about them?

  4. FYI- over 6 months ago I noticed that 3 or 4 of my neighbors were posting for help in their craftshop to make crowbars, fishing nets and pick ax's but never could seem to find a way to make them in my own craftshop. Several times I wrote & inquired about those items, they said I was mistaken so I took screen shots of the posts & sent to support and they finally admitted after months that it was simply another glitch and would be working on a fix.
    I have a mastery sign for all items in the craftshop except for those recently added and I can't even use them if I made them....I'm gonna pass on this one

  5. ....what changed?...

  6. sorry the page wouldn't load for almost 5 min, i see now

  7. Also some of the crop requirements for making certain items have changed,like the harvester.

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  10. #1, is the "only neighbors"requirement, removed ? Or can you get a help bonus ? This question is for the new Craftshop , Rolled out in May.

    #2 , I want a "Gardener" to make, in Craftshop, needed to support Blooms.Been asking for months.

    #3 , Neighbors are still joining my CraftShop To help, But I see no "Add Helpers", option ?


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