Farmville: Major Farm Issues and Ban Notices

For the past several hours Farmville has been experiencing many issues. Players have even been reporting receiving ban notices that they have no idea what could have caused. Check out what we’ve learned below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

For the past 10 hours or so players have been reporting white screens, server errors, lag and the general inability to load and play their farms.
Zynga has placed the following banner over farms to address those issues.

“Hey there Farmers! If you're experiencing any loading or freezing issues, thanks in advance for your patience as we're currently working on getting you back on your farm.”

Since the appearance of the banner, an additional issue has come to our attention. Many, many players are reporting receiving notices that their access to Farmville has been restricted upon trying to load their farms. As of now, that does not appear to be fully intentional on Zynga’s part as threads on the subject are being allowed to remain on the official forums. Those players may not have done anything to warrant the current short term bans.  A super moderator on the official forums was requesting players that received the notice send it in to aid in their investigation of the issue
You can read that thread in it’s entirety here.

At this time, we here at the Dirt Farmer can only speculate that all of these issues are related. It seems likely that they are making changes to their system in preparation to handle something. We do not have definitive, confirmable information as to what at this time. If you are having issues, you are not alone. If you received the notice and have not done anything to violate TOS do not worry. They are working on it.

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  1. I got one of the TOS notices and emailed them. The notice is saying people are using bots. My roommate who plays also got the same notice. We continued. So far so good. But we don't use bots!

  2. Thanks for the restriction and making my blood pressure go sky high today ... It was so nice of you to do something like that to your loyal players ... Sue Romano

  3. I got the violation and suspented for no reason. still can we play? Kimmi

  4. well if they fix this like they fix all their other issues no one will ever play again...

  5. i know this is slightly off topic but if they dont get rid of some of those permanent pop ups on the right side of the screen I'm going to SCREAM!!! the ones up above the gift box. This time, there are so many that I cant eve get full screen up because I cant see the daggone icon. Now thats a LOT of icons. Just like Zynga to take things 500 miles too far. Sometimes you can get rid of 1 or 2 of em by clicking but not always.

  6. After reading all this I can't hardly wait to try & farm since last night I just shut the computer down & watched TV ..

  7. Im behind on all the challenges now,crops probly withered,i hope when they fix this TOS problem, they give us some free stuff!! they owe us an appology!

  8. Zynga...what are you doiing! Its really absurd! I play the game and again ban!

  9. Has anyone with the "restriction of TOS" notice hit the 'continue' link? If so, what happened? I've sent 2 emails to Zynga about being locked out of Farmville and like another commenter, did not want to click the 'continue' link for fear of a hacked Facebook account. I ran a virus check and uninstalled and re-installed Farmville.. still getting HUGE restriction notice when trying to go to farm. This is day 3. Wondering what to try next. I like Mozilla for my browser and don't want to change it, if possible (some suggested that could be the issue ~ I don't think so).

    1. Changing the browser did not help. Still getting restriction notice. Day 4. No FV access.

  10. Still getting the TOS and Ban notices for the whole past week. Last one said it was an 8 hour ban. Nothing has run on this computer. Just regular play with keyboard & mouse. Their Forum has lots of posts and a request for screenshot (I posted one) from Z, but no other post from them since that. UGH!!!

  11. I am having trouble loading Farmville...and when it does freezes up after just a few seconds...causing me to have to shut down my entire system. This has been going on for several days now. I have run virus scans of all sorts...restored my system...even switched to Mozilla Firefox on the advice on the Zynga page...STILL NOTHING! HELP...IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?


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