Facts About The Java Scare: How It Relates To Farmville & YOU


Recently the web has been alight with scary warnings about a Zero Day exploit in Java 7. A new warning has been issued as of 23rd April, 2013. Thanks to Farmer Ruth for the heads up.  We have some information for you on what it all means and how it can effect you as a Farmville player so you can make your own informed choices on what to do. Please make sure to read the FULL POST so you will know your exact options before changing anything. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.


A patch to the security flaw the January sources refer to has been released you can learn more here. The April Warning is still in effect. Read more here and here. This one is a little different - it does not execute automatically, the user must accept and click yes to executing the malicious code. Do not agree to run Java ANYWHERE from any popup unless you have read the popup carefully and are positive of what it is doing. It is always wise to be well informed and cautious on the internet. The security precautions below may still be helpful to you.

First of all – How this effects you as a Farmville Player.
As stated on the Zynga Player Support site, all Zynga games, including Farmville require Java to run correctly.  If you have live chat support, you will not be able to access it without Java enabled. For details on how to make sure Java is enabled, you can visit the Player support site here. So basically we have a choice between disabling Java and being able to play the game we love.  Is there a happy medium? Read on and decide for yourself.


Next - An explanation on some of the mysterious terms that are being thrown around in the many articles.

An exploit is a way in which programs can be altered to do things the developer did not intend .

Zero Day Exploit
A Zero Day Exploit is an exploit for which code is available to hackers as soon as it’s discovered. This leaves software developers and anti-virus providers with no time- zero days to create a patch before the exploit becomes a danger to users. See full definition here.

What does this mean in terms of the current Zero Day Java Exploit?

Well to quote the U.S Homeland Security department :

“By convincing a user to visit a specially crafted HTML document, a remote attacker may be able to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system. Note that applications that use the Internet Explorer web content rendering components, such as Microsoft Office or Windows Desktop Search, may also be used as an attack vector for this vulnerability.”

Read their announcement in it’s entirety here.


What that means is that you must visit a site that is infected in order for this to be a problem for you.  If you wish to leave Java enabled to play Farmville and access support, you can opt to only visit trusted sites and not to click on any links/videos etc. of any kind unless you are positive they come from a trusted source  - when in doubt, don’t click.

Another option if you enjoy surfing the internet is to have at least two web browsers on your system, leave java enabled on one and disable it on the other. You can use the Java enabled one for only Zynga games and Zynga support to minimize risk and then use the Java disabled one for all other sites. Directions on how to disable Java by browser here. Make sure you read carefully and select the correct options.

Still another option is to use a browser which has implemented additional protections. Mozilla, the makers of Firefox have enabled Click To Play, which will not allow Java to run unless the user authorizes each instance. That way you can make sure the application asking to access Java is one that you are aware that you are using. Read their announcement here.

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  1. I bookmarked the page so I can show it to my son. He will to help me figure out what I need or may want to do. Thank you for sharing. It will be most helpful.

  2. I took Java completely off my system (or my son did it for me!) and FarmVille is still running just fine. I am running the latest version of Firefox. In fact it seems to be running better!

  3. I disabled Java, and both the game and the support site work fine without it, so Java is not essential to play FarmVille or get support. You might want to update this post because right now the wording of it is misleading. Thanks for warning us about the Java exploit. It was the first and only place I heard about it and I am grateful for the knowledge.

  4. i use chrome all the time and seems fine withoout java

  5. ha, see. I said before "now my head is spinning" and someone comes back and says, read it carefully. Duh. anonymous says she disabled java and game and support still work. Right, right. I too thought you couldn't play it without java. So, wise guy who tells me to "read carefully," .... I did read it carefully, and that's why it's confusing and misleading, especially when you start following your links and reading more. Do you or don't you disable, Firefox and whatever that button is they have now.... sheesh, I play on my laptop, do no banking or credit cards with laptop, so whatever.

  6. Just disable java and farmville will work just fine. It will work just fine WITH it because the patch for the vulnerability was already released (update11) and zynga is a trusted site.

  7. Here is the page that clearly states that FV uses Javascrpit NOT Java, they are two separate things ;)

  8. I am suspicious of this article. and some of the hyperlinks connected to this. :\

  9. Java is NOT required for farmville. I have not had a Java plugin installed on my PC for the last 3 months, and I am able to play just fine.

    I write server software in Java for a living, and I would not install a Java browser plugin on any machine I care about.


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