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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Facebook Security Scam: A Video Explanation

Posted by The Dirt Farmer on 10:16 PM Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For years, FarmVille players have been prey to a vicious SCAM that actually steals your facebook account…Farm and all.
We have posted hundreds of warnings about how to prevent this…Tonight I spotted a victim and decided to make a video on how to not only spot the SCAM but how to prevent it as well.
We hope you find this informative


  1. Thank you very much this was very informative and helpful.

  2. Thanks, I had one of these and did not know who it was so I removed it. Thanks for letting us know what to do and even though my privacy settings are on the bonus check app I blocked turns up on a social graph and facebook ad listing me as a user.
    I am going crazy trying to get help removing this from my name/acct so I can get back to my friends and farm again.
    As it is, I'm not sure if my farm or my friends are protected and don't know if I should post on my newsfeed. The whole thing is making me sad and really creeps me out. =(

  3. You are NOT being a good friend to her! It is better to tell her to change her password & change her pic back! Even better, changer the email associated with that account! Come on! I help my friends get their accounts back instead & they know not to fall for it again! I call or text message my friends on what to do! They don't lose their accounts this way, but your way makes your friend lose his or her account, anywhere from a few days to permanently!