Enchanted Glen : All New Trees

Like every other new farm, Farmville’s Enchanted Glen will have its own unique trees. We have a special sneak peek for you at the magical, mystical trees for the new farm! Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.
Special Thanks to Dirt Farmer Gaby and Farmer Jason for many of the images contained herein

Allium Tree Amaryllis Tree Blue Bird of Paradise Tree Butterfly Heart Tree Dew
Dryad Tree
Giant Allium Tree Giant Amaryllis Tree Giant Blue Bird of Paradise Tree Giant Butterfly Heart Tree Giant Dew Tree Giant Dryad Tree
Fairy Bubbles Tree Fairy Butterfly Tree Fairy Lantern Tree Fairy Light Tree Fairy Shoe Tree Fairy Snowflake Tree
Giant Fairy Bubbles Tree Giant Fairy Butterfly Tree Giant Fairy Lantern Tree Giant Fairy Light Tree Giant Fairy Shoe Tree Giant Fairy Snowflake
Flower Tree Gem Tree Gerbera Tree Red Rose Tree Guardian Tree Ladybug Tree
Giant Flower Tree Giant Gem Tree Giant Gerbera Tree Giant Red Rose Tree Giant Guardian Tree Giant Ladybug Tree
Large Tulip Tree Mushroom Tree Mystical Fire Tree Pansy Tree Pixie Maple Tree Prism Pine Tree
Giant Large Tulip Tree Giant Mushroom Tree Giant Mystical Fire Tree Giant Pansy Tree Giant Pixie Maple Tree Giant Prism Pine Tree
Rain Drop Tree Rainbow Leaf Tree Ray Tree Sparkle Tree Whispy Tree Yellow Rose Tree
Giant Rain Drop Tree Giant Rainbow Leaf Tree Giant Ray Tree Giant Sparkle Tree Giant Whispy Tree Giant Yellow Rose Tree

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  1. So beautiful, Can't wait to get them (at least all the level 2s).

  2. I go to my Zynga Farms now as little as possible as it crashes 2 to 3 times every time before I even get on.It takes forever to load and forces Commercialized Themed Farms down my throat.It has steadily become MORE pushy,forceful,obtrusive,greedy and intensely overwhelming to play and I have foolishly invested hundreds for a Game that never works. I play FAMILY FARM now and I really love it.It never crashes,lovely graphics,nice crops.You get ten free RC (Ranch Cash) every ten day's with freebies in between and if you want you can buy RC with a Credit Card. So much more gentle and relaxing to play.


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