Zynga Holiday Layoffs Without Warning


Zynga seems to have forgotten the caring aspect of the Holiday Season. Do you visit the Zynga Community forums? If so, you can no longer expect to see the friendly icons of your familiar moderators helping to answer your questions. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

We have learned that this week, Zynga terminated the contracts of all their forum moderators with only a day’s notice. They were given no time to plan or seek other employment, and now must deal with waiting periods for unemployment during the holiday season. The reason? Zynga has decided to outsource their positions, likely as a cost-cutting measure, and chose not to wait until after the holidays to implement that plan. Loyalty has harsh rewards with Zynga these days. Evidence includes this post in the official forums which remains – likely because it’s suddenly without it’s moderators.


Similar to the prior round of layoffs which were conducted during an Apple press event, this was done quietly, likely in hopes that the news would not learn of the terminations.

Moderators for those not familiar with the forums, were contract employees of Zynga, hired to roll up bug reports, clean up spam, answer questions and interact with players. The human face of Zynga as in people you could interact with on a regular basis. A contract employee is one who signs a contract with a company to provide specific services for a specific amount of time. All of these employees, close to 30 from just those seen around the forums were cut well in advance of their contract's expiration.

We  wish  Claire Voyant , Anajosilee, Rinzler, LittleKatsEye, DanceKMom, Chef Tara Misu, Korsette, Eagle_Vision, Cadie, Delerium_Trigger, ladybug777, Serendipity, D_Sanchez, NikkiKing, baron_von_forgotn. and any others we may have forgotten best of luck in future endeavors.

What do you think? Business as usual or timing is everything? At this time of year wouldn’t it have been better to at least wait until the end of the month? For discussion on this or any other Farmville related topic, please join us in our discussion group on Facebook Ask The Dirt Farmer.

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  1. zynga has lost it.... i suspect farmville will be a thing of the past by end of 2013! I no longer buy FC and hardly play anymore.. its really sad because i met some really great people in this game.. i sincerely hope the games lives on and that the guys who lost their jobs find new jobs quickly. Rotten CEO causing this once great idea to sink into shame

  2. Better to lose jobs before the holidays so they don't over spend on holidays and don't go into debt thinking they have jobs to pay it off


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