Sunflower Meadows: Coins Expansions

Patched on 25th October, 2012

Are you among those that have purchased the new Home farm expansion, the Sunflower Meadow? In case you did, let us give you a cool tip… If you check the market manually for the expansions to the new Meadows, you will see that all are available for Farm Cash only… But if you search for the expansion name in the market search bar, you will see 2 expansion for each name, one for FC, and one for coins.

Yes, we know that you are excited about the below coin expansions, but let me make a quick note. The coin expansions seem to be bug in the coding and might get fixed soon. So, if you have the coins, go for it immediately. Currently up to 38x38 expansion is available for coins for the new Home farm expansion.

Coin Expansions


Remember to ‘search’ for the ‘name’ of the expansion to get the coin expansion option while on the Sunflower Meadows Farm… Start with the “Homestead” (if you have not yet expanded for FC) and then do the others in sequence. Happy Farming!

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  1. ridiculous price to buy it (200 million coins!?!)

  2. @Anonymous

    So don't buy it. No one is forcing you to. A lot of us bought it (and all of the coin expansions for coins as well) without blinking an eye. With well over a billion coins, what else is there to spend it on?


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