Farm Clubs: A New Challenge

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Before we can give more info about the Farmville Clubs, here is an excerpt from the game about this new feature…
So, you think that this is going to be that simple as harvesting crops? Well, its more complex… Choosing a good club, being on the top of the table, getting benefits for being a contributor to the club, etc are all there… And its not going to be all that easy… Here are some of the rules that you will need to follow…
  • Once you are in a club, harvest the special club crop as much as you can
  • Harvest more than other clubs to unlock special trophies that you can show off
  • Your club will compete against other clubs every week, Tuesday-Sunday
  • On Monday, the top 50% of clubs will move on to the next stage and begin harvesting a new special club crop
  • You may only be in 1 club at a time
A preview of how the different clubs will be listed and how you can join them, leave them, or make your own too…
Now, if you are wondering if you can just join a high performing group, and get the benefits, you might be missing out on some important rewards… Contributing good towards a club can get you a Expert, Honored or Lead Farmer status… These status are special as it will help the group in a much larger way… Like, an Expert Farmer’s harvests will count 80 times more towards the club total, a Honored Farmer’s harvests will count 100 times more towards the club total, and a Lead Farmer’s harvests will count 150 times more towards the club total… That surely makes things interesting, right? Let’s see how you fare… Also, you get a chance to win exclusive trophies too:

A detailed guide (if required) will be up after the feature goes live… Till then, keep making plans on how you are going to go about this…

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  1. This is now live to me on November 21. Now I am here to see what this is all about.
    I think I don't have enough crops mastered to be a significant contributor to a Club team.


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