The Dirt Farmer blog is rich with resources for every aspect of Farmville game play.  To make navigation easier for everyone, The Dirt Farmer’s Almanac compiles the most frequently used links and lists so you can simply click on them and go to them with ease…

Dirt Farmer Mega Charts/Lists

Dirt Farmer Mini Lists Of Specifics


Printable Lists Of Specifics By Dirt Farmer Renee

Complete Farm Guides


Animal Pens

Other Crafting

Crafting The Recipes – All Farm Crafting Buildings

Crafting The Recipes – Single Farm Crafting Buildings

English Pub Restaurant Sweet Shoppe Tiki Bar Tea Garden
English Pub - England Farm Cove Restaurant - Lighthouse Cove Sweet Shoppe - Winter Wonderland Tiki Bar - Hawaiian Paradise Tea Garden - Jade Falls
Potion Shop - Haunted Hollow Patisserie - Mistletoe Lane Fairy Kitchen - Enchanted Glen Coral Café – Atlantis Winery-Australia
Crystal Cottage – Celestial Pastures Sugar Shack - Sweet Acres Alchemist’s Shop – Mystical Groves Sparkle Café – Holiday Lights Herbal Hut – Fields of El Dorado
The Porcelain Shop – Emerald Valley Blue Sea Café – Mediterranean Riviera Oasis Gardens – Cairo Boutique Fairytale Fields - Fairy Forum Horseman’s Hollow – Witcher Hut
Magical Toy Town – Toy Food Van Avalon Wilderlands Glass Blower Avalon Kingdoms Potions Workshop Village Workshop Wild West Ranch Tinker’s Cabin Treasure Tides
Herbal Inn Indian Dhaba
Herbal Inn
Savannah Safari
Sci Fi Lab
Phantom Valley
Eckhart's Lab
Alpine Jingle
Namaste India Indian Dhaba Story of Sakura Zen Garden House
Twostone Mill Brewing Wagon
Twostone Mill Caveman Club Oracle’s Keep Ode To Olympus Brewing Wagon Carnaval De Los Muertos Snowy Toy Shop
Once Upon A Winter
Crafting Tent Groovy Hills

Crafting The Recipes – Self Contained Crafting Buildings

Dairy Barn Dairy Barn Strategy Guide Yarn Barn Sweet Shop Sweet Shop Strategy Guide
Elite Horses Apothecary Apothecary Strategy Guide Holly Bright Park Holly Bright Park Strategy Guide
Jungle Hideaway  Complete Guide Jungle Hideaway Strategy Guide Tin Man Fountain  Complete Guide Tin Man Fountain Strategy Guide Azure Emporium  Complete Guide
Azure Emporium Strategy Guide Arabian Stallions  Complete Guide Arabian Stallions Strategy Guide Magic Garden  Complete Guide Magic Garden Strategy Guide
Black Jack Barn Complete Guide Black Jack Barn Strategy Guide Toy Shoppe  Complete Guide Toy Shoppe Strategy Guide Forest Fair Complete
Forest Fair Strategy Guide Royal Stable Complete Guide Royal Stable Strategy Guide Rodeo Ranch Complete Guide Rodeo Ranch Strategy Guide
Savannah Reserve Savannah Reserve
Tide Homestead Complete Guide Tide Homestead Strategy Guide Savannah Reserve Complete Guide Savannah Reserve Strategy Guide Grim Reaper’s Byre Complete Guide
Grim Reaper’s Byre Strategy Guide Eckhart’s Stable
Complete Guide
Eckhart’s Stable Strategy Guide Royal Kalakshetra
Complete Guide
Izanami Haven Complete Guide  Bldg 1
Izanagi Shelter Complete Guide Bldg 2 Ani-Mall Caveman Club Complete Guide Abode of  Beast Ode To Olympus  Complete Guide Carnaval Theatre Carnaval De Los Muertos  Complete Guide Frosty Grange  Once Upon A Winter Complete Guide
Peaceful Stables Groovy Hills Complete Guide

Crops and Bushels Info

Treasure Contents

Extra Large Sea Treasures Small Buried Treasures Jade Falls Fortunes Grey Tombstone Treestump
Hawaiian Paradise Sea Treasure Prizes Hawaiian Paradise Buried Treasure Prizes Jade Falls Fortune Prizes Haunted Hollow Treasure Prizes Mistletoe
Lane Treestump Prizes
xeg_treasure1_s Extra Large Rock Candy Boulder
Enchanted Glen Troll Prizes Atlantis Clamshell & Treasure Chests Australia Mines Prizes Celestial Pastures
Slime Treasures
Sweet Acres Candy
Small Enchanted Rose Bush
Mystical Groves Enchanted Rose Bush Treasure Contents Holiday Lights Gift Treasure Contents Fields of El Dorado Artifact Treasure Contents Emerald
Valley Treasure Contents
Mediterranean Riviera
Large Kiddie Play Tent
Oasis Garden Treasure Contents Fairy Tale Fields Treasure Contents Horseman's Hollow Treasure Contents Magical Toy Town
Treasure Contents
Avalon Wilderlands Treasure
Broken Down Jeep
Avalon Kingdoms Treasure Contents Wild West Ranch Treasure Contents Treasure

Treasure Contents
Savannah Safari Treasure Contents Phantom

Striped T-Rex  Homonoia Cat
Alpine Jingle
Treasure Contents
Namaste India Treasure Contents Story of Sakura Treasure Contents Caveman Club Treasure Contents Ode To
Reaper By The Sea 
Carnaval De Los Muertos Treasure Contents  Once Upon A Winter Treasure Contents Groovy Hills Treasure Contents

Other Info Charts

Orchid Bloom Dream Fawn Jade
Nursery Barn Glitch Adults Farm Land Expansions 2011-2014

Land Expansion 2015-Present
Double Statues Dream Deer Woods Fawn Growth Chart A-K

Dream Deer Woods Fawn Growth Chart L-Z
Jade Harvesting Animals
Jade Mastery Stable Un-Friendlies
Jade Selling Animals and Trees Mastery Points Chart: Crops and Trees Coconuts Harvesting Animals & Trees Stable Un-Friendlies Fortune Teller & Combinations
pic ofr df all american diner buildable Horse Stable
Farms By Release Date Crop Wither Time Crafting Buildings Farmville Buildables Farmville Buildings
Special Delivery Red Stallion
Special Delivery Contents Working and Non-Working Stallions Farmville Consumables and How To Get Them Farmville List of Farm Specific Main Buildables & Their Parts Farmville List of Buildings That Harvest For Seed Packages or Decos
Farmville List of Buildings That Harvest For Coins Farmville List of Permanent Coin Items By Farm All Chain Linked Crops and Animals At A Glance

Dirt Farmer Guides

Turbo Chargers consume_fuelWhole Trading Post
Feline Evolution Turbo Chargers Social Sheep Guide Running Low on Fuel? Trading Post Complete Guide
Water Fawn Gopher Garden Bloom Garden
Dream Deer Woods Guide County Fair Prized Pig Gopher Garden Bloom Garden
greenhousebuildable_finished Giftbox Animal Pen Mastery Totem Turtle Pen Breeding seedlingnursery_finished
Greenhouse Gift Box Capacity Animal Pen Mastery Totems Turtle Pen Breeding Seedling Nursery
arboretum_shape_line_y_finished Farmville Magic Beanstalk
Groves Magic Beanstalk Dream Unicorns Guide Farmville Feed Panel – Complete Guide to Under Game Feeds Items Site Complete Guide
Blue Bubble Tiger Cub Giftbox
Bushel Swap Guide Bushel Babies Guide Unclaimed Feeds Guide Grooming Barn & Yearlings Complete Guide Gift Box Made Easier
Selling Animals From Within Pens Mystery Babies Revamp Gift Envelope Guide
VIP Membership Guide

VIP Membership Updates

Dragon Breeding Complete Guide

Dragon Breeding Studio Rundown
Dragon Breeding Family Tree Farmville Express Complete Guide Mastery Signs Removal From The Game What You Need To Know

Quest Bonus and Extra Stages, What They Are And How They Work
Guide To Joining and Using Dirt Farmer Groups & Pages
How To Unhide Farmville If You Have Hidden It In The Newsfeed

How To Get Help If Your Farm Reset To Level One
Flower Shack
Complete Guide
Complete Guide To Barry West's FarmVille Parody Songs Namaste India Preview 1 Namaste India Preview 2 Missing Neighbors? Read This How To Build A Buildable The Easy Way By Farmer Peter
How To Easily Share Game Links By Farmer BearDrummer How To Turn Off Chrome Facebook Notifications Possible Fix For Missing Ads By Farmer Michele Rang De Festival of Colors Namaste India

The Dirt Farmer’s Guide to Spam Scam and Ad Safety on Facebook

The Dirt Farmer’s Guide To App Safety on Facebook

Mystery Babies 2016 Revamp Contents

Get Ready For The Return Of SHEEP BREEDING

Free Gift Tab Guide Keep Track of your Farm Cash
Farmville Express Update Feb 2016 Farmville Studio Rundown of Story of Sakura Farmville Story of Sakura Farm Video Tutorial Farmville Story of Sakura Relic Room Complete Guide Farmville Story of Sakura General Access and Regions

Beat Event Farms, Prizes and Guides
Farmville Farms Unwither Ring Buildings and Parts 
FarmVille Story Of Sakura Farm Complete Guide to Region, Building and Crafting Unlocks
Beat Event Farms, Prizes and Guides Unwither Ring Gift Buildings and Parts Story of Sakura Complete Guide to Region Unlocks Ooga Awakens Complete Guide Ode To Olympus Preview
Image11 pizap.com14745219944741 2kk
How To Use The New Farm Cash Protecting Self Contained Crafting How to Customize Posts When Menu Is Blocked Daily Mystery Gift DF Guide To Using Light Shot Once Upon A Winter Farm – Icy Tarn Sneak Preview
Once Upon A Winter Farm -Icy Tarn Video Guide Once Upon A Winter Farm – The Icy Tarn OVerview

Land Expansion Rewards & Unlocks By Farm

Dirt Farmer Technical Guides

Farmville Computer and Flash Management For Best Gameplay Screenshot_4 Screenshot_4 farmhaunted

FarmVille Customer Support Site REVAMP

Computer and Flash Management
For Best Game Play
Managing Facebook For Best Farmville Game Play Facebook Account Recovery.
Why They
Want Your
Phone Number
Managing Ghost and Zombie Neighbors (Your Farm Is Haunted)
shared facebook key pizap.com14199027637541 Screenshot_48
Tagging and Ticker (REMOVE AUTO POST) Facebook
Privacy and
App Visibility Changes
Facebook Search Makes Farming Easier Trouble
Alarmed by Akamaihd in Links? Read This
62 Screenshot_4 [chrome%2520icon%255B3%255D.png]
Facebook Security Scam Explained Dirt Farmer’s Emergency Farm  Repair Kit Staying Safe On Facebook Old Posts At
Top Of Newsfeed
and Why
You Are
Missing Posts.
Chrome Flash Settings, Your System, Your Choice
Complete Guide To The Dirt Farmer Site Troubleshooting Google Chrome Flash Changes in Google Chrome Gmail
App Offer
What The
Facts Are
Can’t See Posts? Strange Overlays on Facebook? Delete Your Timeline Remover.
Flash Blocked In Firefox Read This To Fix How To Manually Update Flash In Chrome, Opera Or Dragon ISP Throttling You Or White Page? How To Get Back In The Game Windows 10 Coming Soon Windows 10 Reserve or Cancel?
Screenshot_4 Screenshot_4
Windows 10 Data Privacy Settings How To Fix Common Problems When Installing Windows 10 How To Use Facebook Safety Check To Check On Friends In Times Of Disaster Facebook Security

Microsoft Ends Support For Windows 8 What You Need To Know

Facebook Games Arcade What It Is And What It Does

Google Chrome To Block Flash By Default What It Means To You

Posting Issues Workaround From The FarmVille Studio.
Facebook Games Arcade What it is and What it Does Google Chrome
To Block Flash By Default
Posting Issues Work Around Prevent Porn & Spam From Appearing On Your Timeline Frustrated
By The New Facebook Shortcuts..
Read This
Facebook Down- Check out Down Detector How To Enable and Disable Autoposting


Farmville Studio Interviews

Decorating Guides By Farmer Katy



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  1. we need a chicken/egg guide please! something that tells which chickens give which eggs...AND if those eggs can turn into those specific chickens (ie. can the jazz egg turn into a jazz chicken? cause i can't find one!)

    1. If you look inside the chicken coop, you will see the entire list of chickens, harvest yield, and the type of eggs they lay. The resultant mystery eggs give various rewards, including chickens. You'd have to open each one to find out the contents.

  2. I've been trying to figure out where to put a Maltese Tiger - I don't seem to have a pen that it will go into...any ideas?

  3. it belongs in the zoo... It is where I put mine in... Hope this helped/

  4. is there a place where we can find out what the next contest is going to be a head of time ?

  5. Is there a reason FV doesn't reward players with FV$ after they reach level 250 in the game?