The Dirt Farmer Blog has a wide range of resources for all Farmville's… One such resource is the Almanac, or lists of some of the Most desired items in the game… To make navigation easier for everyone, we have listed below all the lists available from us, so that you can just click the respective images/names and go to that particular list with ease…

Dirt Farmer Mega Charts/Lists


Dirt Farmer Mini Lists Of Specifics


Complete Farm Guides


Animal Pens



Other Crafting



Crafting The Recipes – All Farm Crafting Buildings



Crafting The Recipes – Single Farm Crafting Buildings


Crafting The Recipes – Self Contained Crafting Buildings


Crops and Bushels Info


Treasure Contents


Other Info Charts


Dirt Farmer Guides


Dirt Farmer Technical Guides



Farmville Studio Interviews



Decorating Guides By Farmer Katy


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  1. we need a chicken/egg guide please! something that tells which chickens give which eggs...AND if those eggs can turn into those specific chickens (ie. can the jazz egg turn into a jazz chicken? cause i can't find one!)

    1. If you look inside the chicken coop, you will see the entire list of chickens, harvest yield, and the type of eggs they lay. The resultant mystery eggs give various rewards, including chickens. You'd have to open each one to find out the contents.

  2. I've been trying to figure out where to put a Maltese Tiger - I don't seem to have a pen that it will go into...any ideas?

  3. it belongs in the zoo... It is where I put mine in... Hope this helped/

  4. is there a place where we can find out what the next contest is going to be a head of time ?

  5. Is there a reason FV doesn't reward players with FV$ after they reach level 250 in the game?


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