A Milestone… A Beginning…


Hoorah… We have hit… We have hit… I mean, we have hit a grand 10 million views on the DF Blog… Well, feels good to know that the small bits of info that we posted over time has been referred to so many times… That’s not all… We have recently been hitting other milestones as well… The Dirt Farmer fan page has recently crossed 50K likes too… Our recently started FB group ‘Ask the Dirt Farmer’ has received good response and has over 5000+ active players who discuss various issues related to Farmville and have made it one of the hottest Farmville discussion groups on Facebook…

Its been just over an year since the Dirt Farmer page was set up to provide a platform for players to help each other with their queries and also get access to the latest info, as quickly as possible… We take this opportunity to ‘Thank’ all the DF supporters for their love and trust, without which all this would have never been possible… We have been constantly trying to update everyone of you with accurate and timely info… In this attempt, if there have been any mistakes from our end, we apologize for that… For the future, we can just guarantee that we will try to update you all with the same level of info, if not more than what we are doing now… Do wish us the best so that we can continue to provide info and fun in the same way…


Note: For those who had participated in the Papa Dirt’s Farm Cash giveaway contest, the entries are now closed and we would be picking the winners soon… Keep following us on the fan page and the blog for further updates on the winning names in a day or two… Thanks again… Happy Farming!

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  1. You guys are my "go to page" for all things FV! Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you put into your page!

    Sandy Deem

  2. Well Deserved, you are the best page for all things pertaining to Farmville

  3. love the page and it helps alot with the Quest and other FV info...GREAT job and keep up the GREAT work

    James Adkins

  4. Angela MarthalerMay 3, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    Most definitely deserved & a BIG thank you for all the time & hard work you all put into this!

  5. christeena butlerMay 3, 2012 at 2:51 PM

    I need a way to view just my friends FV post. I have so many posting that I can't work the streams properly and also I've missed almost all the quest in the past several months due to having it ask over and over to get my posting helps responded too. Getting frustrated with all the crashes and almost non existant postings.


  7. Congratulations Locke and to the Dirt Farmer Blog. Farmville FCU looks your site as model and we're aiming tat too in the future. Keep on aiming high for your viewers.

  8. Congrats are surly in order here, your site has helped me along with all your other loyal followers. Thanks for your hard work and all the effort you put into this site for all of us.

    I tip my hat and raise my Mason Jug
    of Dirt PAPA's Amazing Dirty Juice!
    WooHooHoo to You
    thanks bunches y'all

  9. congratulations on this great accomplishment! and thank you for all the help - I am constantly coming over to check and double check and use links etc.... I appreciate this blog tremendously

  10. Congrats! I love this site and your FB page. I recommend you highly

  11. you have all have done an AMAZING job!!! I thank you, this is my #1 go to page for help, support, info...and so much more...!!

  12. So, who won? hopefully waiting lol


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