The Stables are here to STAY: FV Hoax proven FALSE by the Dirt Farmer Team


There have been wide spread rumors about the Horse stables being turned into so called Decorations, and giving out only Brown Foals in the near future… Rumors sure do spread fast… And if its about something that we are concerned about, it spreads faster, and more seriously too… To support it, we have even seen a lot of transcripts from Zynga Support staff too claiming it to be inevitable… But what is the actual truth? Are the Stables really going to be turned into just useless buildings?

Lets have a look at some history of these rumors and why they occur:
  • Farmville is a game, and due to the numerous updates, things do get buggy sometimes… and whenever that has happened with the stables, some miscreants just post misleading, incorrect & mutilated info to scare others and such things just keep circulating for a long time.
  • Support agents are the culprits too… Not being trained with the latest updates on the game, and just making some statements based on their own judgments, they have more often than not given out such false info to the players who approach them for issues… Being the fact that they are employees of the company, and supposed to have right info, when they give out any false info, even that is considered to be true by the players and circulated in the mass, leading to mass confusions…

The Dirt Farmer has always been trying to make proper research on such rumors, and get you only the facts… We have been hearing these rumors for years… We have been calling them HOAX for years… Infact, it happens to be the REASON why ‘The Dirt Farmer’ page was initially set up by Locke; especially the rumor about the stables being taken away… Taking things a step forward to clarify the rumors about the stables, our Dirt Farmer Rachel shot an email to the General Manager of Farmville, who in turn was very prompt with his replies and has clarified the issue clearly… Below is the transcript of the email conversation between Rachel and Mr.Nate, the GM of Farmville…

The email Transcript between Dirt Farmer Rachel, and the General Manager, Farmville
“Mr Nate, 
I have never written to a company executive before, but the issue compels me to do just that today. I am an avid Farmville player for over two and half years.  So far, my favorite aspect of Farmville has been collecting the many different varieties of horses that have been offered weekly. I have enjoyed placing them in the stable and now the paddocks in hopes of getting the foals each day.  As I understand it now, the horse stables will be permanently removed from game play and if it did remain, it would only produce brown foals and not offspring foals. 
This is disappointing.  I have invested  greatly in my  horse collection.  I do not understand the need for the change in the stables.  This is our only source of Farmhands, Arborists, offspring foals and XPs. I feel this has taken away a lot of the importance of getting the weekly horse if I won't be able to get offspring foals from the stable. 
I ask that you and your team reconsider keeping the stables as they are currently.  I know I am not the only player that feels this way.  I am one of the administrators of a Farmville fan Facebook page with over 40,000 active Farmville players as well as a Web based page with over 66 million hits. This topic has been an extremely disheartening one for many of  the players who visit our pages.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear any response you might be able to give me.
Rachel Klein-Stevenson”
Reply by Mr. Nate:
“Hi Rachel,
Thank you for your note.  And thank you for being such a long-standing and loyal FarmVille player!  I'm an animal lover as well, so I can relate to your appreciation for our horses!
Now, to your point about the horse stables: Where are you getting your information?   Whatever your source is, it is inaccurate.  We do not have any intention of making changes to the horse stable behavior – lots of our players love that part of our game, and it is one of our oldest features.  I'm sorry for the confusion and I hope this email helps.  I'd love to understand where the false information is coming from so that we can work to correct it at the source…
Thanks again – and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Response by Rachel:
“Hi Mr. Nate,
Thanks for replying to me so quickly.  In response to your question as to the source of the information, it is coming from Zynga Customer Service.  I have personally spoken in live chat with a few representatives who have expressly stated that the stables producing ability will be disabled at some point as a definite thing that is happening.  Just this morning, I popped into live chat and again spoke with Louis S at Customer Service and I have a copy of the transcript where he confirms the disabling of the stables.  
Hi Rachel! How can I help?
Rachel: Hi Louis, I am a little concerned about information I see some of my friends posting on their Facebook Statuses. That the Horse stable will be permanently removed and no longer produce Foals. Is this True ?
Louis S: Hi there Rachel.
Louis S: I understand that you would like to know if the Horse Stable will be permanently removed from the Game.
Rachel: Yes Louis , I would like to know . I have seen many friends indicating that they have received information from customer Service that it will indeed be removed
Louis S: Allow me to inform you that this feature was exchanged by the Horse Paddock and it has been removed from the Market.
Rachel: I know the Stable has been removed and no longer available to purchase in the market, my concern is that it will no longer produce from inside it. Hence no Foals , XPS and Farmhands
Louis S: It means that the Building can not be purchased but those who had it before it was removed can have it on their farms as decorations.
Louis S: The new Horses released in the Game won't work there, so you won't be able to put new Horses in the Stable.
Rachel: So it will Only Serve as a decoration now ? But what about older horses that would make foals , will I still get one each day ?
Louis S: Eventually, this feature will be disable since you can get Foals from your Horse Paddock.
As you can see from this chat, it seems pretty clear what information is being given out to players.  So there is some confusion that we have based on these two answers.  I would appreciate it if you could clear this up more definitively.
Thank you
The Final Reply By Mr.Nate:
I sincerely apologize.  Our representative is incorrect.  I am unclear how they got this incorrect information, but my team is working to ensure that they stop giving this out to our players.  Please rest assured that what I initially told you is what we intend – we will not disable the stables nor make it such that horses don't work in them.  If any horses don't work in the stables, that is a bug (we have had it happen a couple times, but we have fixed it whenever it happens.)
We sincerely thank Mr. Nate for his prompt, and clear response on this issue… As he has stated, the rumors floating all around regarding the stables is totally FALSE… The Stables are here to stay… We can say the same for the Dairies and the Orchards too… The fun will continue… One needs to know that Zynga is a company, and just like any other company, it would not dare touch something that will affect its profits, and integrity to a large extent… We agree that every now and then they might experiment with some changes (remember the Hawaii farm exclusive coconuts issue?), but they are surely not dumb to change things that affects a larger community of the players and in turn hit their profits manifold…
Now that we have busted the Stables rumor, we hope that the messages floating around will come to a stop… If you see anyone that still posts these rumors, just direct them to this page and let them read for themselves… Hope that this settles this issue, ONCE AND FOR ALL…
by: Dirt Farmers Prashanth and Rachel

I would like to thank Rachel for this great idea to actually contact Zynga directly and to Prashanth for writing the article so eloquently.
I can't tell you how many messages I have gotten over the past 2 years with people in udder hysteria over the thought of loosing their ability to Breed Horses and make foals. Grandmothers, teenagers, stay at home moms and even disabled citizens have been in tears at this thought. I have tried my best to assure everyone that these copy/paste Hoaxes are nearly always false and the thought of breeding vanishing from Farmville was far fetched. Unfortunately there are people among us that only want to frighten and upset others. 
I created the Dirt Farmer to enlighten Players by sharing and exchanging knowledge. Even defending Players if needed. Today...We did just that...

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  1. Thank you ,Thank you !!!!!

  2. Hello Rachael and other Dirt Farmers. It the above answer from Nate he states that all horses should be able to be placed in the stable. Does this mean that if we place the horse in the stable it should give us a foal of that type of horse ? Don't you have a list of all of the horses that don't give the right foal ? Can you find out about this. It would be a great help to those of us who spend tons of money on our horses. Thank you, Karen

  3. I personally would love to know why the black and white mini no longer makes foals.

  4. I would like to say that there might be some confusion with that Nate told in the last reply.. He must have meant that horses that now work in the stable, and any new horses that work in the stable in the future, will continue to work in the future... some horses will still be paddock exclusive only though...

  5. Thanks for finally slaying this beast of a rumor once and for all. It just goes to show you that the old addage still applies today: "Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see." :-)

  6. love love love the dirt farmer investigation pic lol

  7. Well if you want the truth you go straight to the top. Thanks for busting the myth.

  8. This is wonderful news especially since I just got my English Farm. It came out before I started playing, but I asked and they opened it for me...I was thrilled. BUT if the horse stables are not discontinued why is it I can't get harness and horseshoes to upgrade mine??? Why did they take those away? I hope they put them back so I can upgrade my stable.

  9. Thanks for the great info -- most players with half a brain knew it to be a hoax, but there are always those that love to spread crap around. I wish I believed that this would be the end of it, but I can say with absolute certainty that the rumor will still be circulating years from now. You can't fix "stupid"...

  10. So, based on a general managers lie? This is hoax? BS...The dirt farmer is a moron, he has given inaccurate information on a number of occasions. Want to prove this true? Some players stables have already changed to only be able to move or sell...Nothing else. Not "look inside" So, although they may not be taking all they are changing its function of breeding. Dont ask me though, I wouldnt know, mine werent taken by chat or anything. And when they werent taken they werent full either. and by THEY i also mean my 2 dairy barns.

    Believe this dumb ass and you might lose your animals.

  11. This is Karina and regarding the Nursery Barn, Horse Stable and Dairy Barns will be not longer available since we have new buildings such us Horse Paddock, Cow Pasture and Baby Play Pen.

    Karina A.
    Zynga Player Advocate

  12. I love this info - Thanks to all, I will copy this link and paste the link to everyone who follows this rumor. I do have to ask though Locke, LOFLMAO - did u use the word "Udder" on purpose because It really cracked me up!!!! Thanks for all you do!

  13. I have had the stables since day one! I was never asked if I wanted to trade them in. It still works like it is supposed to. More reliable to get foals out of than the paddock. My nursery barn and dairy barns are also in place and functional. You can't get them now with the new buildings but you get to keep your existing buildings.

  14. Do not believe this article, hes an idiot and isnt capable of recognizing game. The general manager fed him a lie to get players to keep their animals in the buildings and causing a terrible loss, forcing them to spend more money.

  15. Thank you Rachel :)

  16. Stupid asses dont read, dirt farmer is a foggot ass stupid mother fucker! his team of retards can suck 3436456 dicks!

  17. TY... Michelle Redden..a fav site here & about only 1 I have found the most accurate & complete info. Many Blessings~~~

  18. I meant ...I m Michelle I do not understand select profile...I justt use my FB ID & email address....Just want 2 express my appreciation 4 all ur help & info. TY again!

  19. someone doesnt know something about something because i have TWO mind you TWO horses that do NOT and have NOT EVER gone into the stable to make any kind of foal or anything else.. actually they dont go into the paddocks

    spotted appaloosa, gray dartmoor, dapple greys... none of these three mentioned horses (yes horses, not foals, i aint ignorant) dont go into either the stable NOR the paddock. never have. probably never will. they ARE decorative at this point. i'm just saying!

  20. I have been stuffing the horse stable for 2 years for the coins advantage and because somewhere in my addled brain, I am attached to my pretty horses.

    I have also invested real money into collecting said horses.

    I would have stopped playing completely if the breeding was not an option anymore...and my farms would really be missed.

    So, thank you for finding this information for us and I will keep telling my friends to come to DirtFarmer for their information!

    Thanks, Gwen

  21. I appreciate Dirt Farmer, taking up the "flag" for the loyal Farmville neighbor, who really love and are "addicted", (yes, I said "addicted" and we don't need a 12 step program to get off it) to this game....Thanks for going straight to the "horse's mouth [no offense, Mr. Nate] to get a straight answer. As a horse owner in real life and watching mare's produce foals, it is great to be able to have the opportunity to play it out. Thanks again.

  22. Thanks for clearing up the Stables issue....great work...but what about the nurseries....for many thousands of myself...the nursery is the only method of getting grown cows and we do not have the luxury of real money to spend growing them.....can you possibly find out why we are not getting hardly any grown ones and why so many only grow into black horses and plain cows......thank you for your efforts....xxxx

  23. Why did the Stable and Nursery disappear from my Home farm and Zynga says they can't put them back because they are old buildings. BS!! The buildings are old but still supported, someone ids too lazy to get off their arse and do some customer service :(

  24. If there are people who do not agree with this advice, by all means have your say, but this site should not be a place for disgusting language and vitriol.
    Thanks, Mary.
    (PS I appreciate the efforts of the Dirt Farmer admin in keeping us informed.)

  25. I had severe issues with my Horse Stable.
    Submitted a ticket, and look what I found in the mailbox TODAY:

    Hi Marie

    This is Gabriel. I will be assisting you today.

    I understand how you feel about the Stable. However let me inform you that the Horse Stable will become obsolete since the only one that will work is the Horse Paddock. This is why you are having this issues with it. I recommend you to move your Horses to a Horse Paddock so you can harvest them without any problems."


  26. i have stables on home farm and england.i also have paddocks.between the 2 farms,i have more than 900 horses that i paddocks are full.when i get a foal from the paddocks,i sell it paddocks hold horses that will not breed in the stable.lately,all i see in the market is horses that will not breed in the stable,i am upset as the breeding and sharing the foals is my major enjoyment of the game.i also have my nursery barns on 3 farms as well as dairy barns on 3 farms.they are all filled to max and i still get coins from harvesting them.i don't really care about them but if the breeding is taken away,i will close down all 10 farms.i haven't been able to buy a horse in 3 weeks as most of them show that they will not go in the a result.zynga has not gotten@ 200.00 real dollars from me.this is NOT the way to run a profitable business.stable friendly horses will go in the paddock too,so why not code all the horses as such and everyone can have a choice? i'm just sayin' :)


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