Farmville Goes Back In Time

Farmville is all set to go back in time… A new Prehistoric theme is going to hit Farmville soon… Here is a look at some of the unreleaed animals from the Prehistoric theme, and some others from the Orchid and random themes…

DodoGiant LadybugSabertooth ChickenSabertooth EggPoisondart FrogPlatypusOrchid SheepCotton Candy Sheep
Orchid UnicornOrchid Unicorn FoalCaveman HorseCaveman FoalMustache HorseMustache FoalPrehistorical HorsePrehistorical Foal
Creamy Pie CowCreamy Pie CalfJaguarMegatheriumLargibbon MonkeyPterodactylCompsognathusSawfish SharkTiger SharkCookie ElephantMastodonStegosaurusIguanodonT-RexTriceratopAnkylosauriaTroodontidaeArgentinosaurusMonster OctopusCryptoclidus

Notice: Due to the recent changes in the Facebook Pages, the Dirt Farmer has started a new group, ASK The Dirt Farmer, which will be the new destination where you can get all your queries answered, just like we did on the main Page… The Page and the new group, will both co-exist though… Make sure you give the group a visit and share the info with friends to get them farming better… Happy Farming…!

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