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  1. OK, so I put the damn monkey pod tree on my home farm, it did NOT say locked to Hawaii like everything else has, so who woulda known? Now I have harvested it, it is not showing up in Hawaii, so now I am STUCK on Level 5 Hawaii with no way I can see to get the damn tree back to Hawaii! Any suggestions? I can't seem to find how to find LIVE CHAT again, I think when I found it before it was by accident. Thanks for any help!

  2. Go to the Zynga support page and tell them what happened...they should be nice and restore it to your Hawaiian farm...Shaz

  3. I'm finding that this whole farming game thing, with all the new places to go and all the ridiculous quests, some more than others, has become more of a pain in the butt just trying to keep up with everything, plus it's just NOT fun anymore. I used to think it was relaxing and enjoyable to play but it has turned in to more of a job than relaxing!! And now with the Hawaii really drags down my computer when trying to change from farm to farm. Maybe this is for the people who sit at home on the computer all day and don't work a 40 hr. a week real job!!

  4. I have a neighbor on farmville and his hawaii farm did not show up for free and here it is Thursday and no Hawaii paradise. where can he get it?

  5. Does anyone know how you are to Harvest 20 Yellowfin Tuna in Farmville?

  6. If Zynga is trying to "level things off", I would say they have missed the boat. To get level 9 in volcano, you need 195 parts. To open the little "treasures" you need 85 large nets and 85 small nets... to open the land treasures, you need 28 small crow bars and 50 large crow bars. All of these things are in your way for planting, so you have to do them, and what if you don't have 500 friends... I have quite a few, but am thinking about my friends who only have 50 neighbors etc... you have to request all this stuff .. what are they thinking?? I am about done, and I do spend money on the game, but am thinking that is done. This is nuts.

  7. I'm having trouble with my FV. When I go on it i keep getting this message that a script is running on the page and I need to stop it or it will cause my computer to lock up. Then, I get special delivers 30-40 at a time and they never show up in my gifts. Everything seems to disappear. And, when I send my friends gifts or ask for things the box goes over to the right and I can't sent it because I can't see but a 1/3 of it. Any ideas? I've written Zynga but not reply.

  8. estou no níve l1440.Desde o nível 98 não recebo mais FV.Alguma idéia do que possa ser.Mudei o nome da farma, que estava com o meu nome e coloquei o meu apelido que é como todo mundo me conhce.Como posso resolver isso???? Por favor, alguém pode me ajudar???
    Bebel Vidal

  9. What do I do if the quest info
    is not showing up? I don't know how far I am and what I need to do. IS THERE A WAY TO GET TO GET IT BACK??

  10. Does anyone know what the ice cream is going to be used for that we get when we harvest the candy factory....

  11. On this quick/fast loading feature.
    How would it work if you use two different computers, located in different locations?

    It would seem that the latest data from the 'home' computer would not be available to the second 'laptop' computer.

    The same would also be true the other way around. If last played on the laptop, the data on the home come computer would not have the latest updated data.

    Even if you used this feature only on the home computer, the data would be obsolete if you played on the laptop. All the updated data, coins, trees, animals will be lost when the home computer is fired up.

    Or this problem does not exist?

  12. how can i get the license for English farm without having to pay FV cash for it?

  13. Hello Joe,

    This is Ariane and I understand that you are having an issue regarding your pens. Joe, let me advice you that getting a specific animal from your pens were random so we will never know what to get since it is computer generated. I will just forward your feedback to our Studio so they could do something about it. We do apologize and have a nice day.

    Zynga Player Advocate

    Did Zynga Support help put the wag back in your tail? Bark some Love on Twitter with #zyngalove

    Your Incident # is: 120404-16174081

    ----- -----Discussion Thread

    ----- -----Incident Entry by Zynga Customer P Wed Apr 04 23:09:49 GMT 2012

    i'm so mad do not even want to play farmville no more i'm working hard and spending alot of money trying to get ahead alittle i got a zoo pen that i just got the new animals in 9 of them are the dinasaurs collection. I harvested the pen ten times, got a zoo baby and it gave me a peacock. That has been happening to all my pens and water pens too. Why should I spend this money and my time on something that doesnt work properly. If you cant decide what I'll get when I grow then I'm going to stop growing. Please help me with this problem when i grow something i want whats in the pen the animals i got i want back not a peacock

    [ ref:00D6J52i.5006IJAhe:ref ] this was my answer from fv when i ask them about not getting a baby that i had in pens but getting some off the wall thing please let everybody know peggy ownby

  14. so im just wondering if they are gonna make something for the fouls and calfs to grow up i have the nursery barn but all i get is black horses or blue and white ones i would really like something for the fouls to grow up in and also yall need to make something so we can send the trees or animals to each other or at least share them

  15. "yall need to make something so we can send the trees or animals to each other or at least share them"

    Wow, my head hurt after reading that one. This isn't Zynga. Go complain to them.

  16. Hello! Does anybody know what happens to the bunny eggs? I never get to see them in the gift box. Do they transform in coins or what? Thanks.

  17. I have friends who get the flea market every few days I have not seen it on my farm at all. Is it just a slow rollouot? Eventually everyone will get it.?

  18. Hi! I have a problem please help! When i finished the last level of Spring fairy quest i had to refresh to pass it. when the game loads the quest was disappear and no request for repeating appears. Can i do something to start it again?

  19. Pet Pride. This quest has come up on my farms but I do not know why or what I am supposed to do. It says I must "raise" pets but I have no idea what they are talking about. Please let me know what I should be doing. Thank you.

  20. what happens to the baby bunny eggs mine seem to have disappeared ;s

  21. can anyone please tell me if there are any mac friendly options for searching DF site for animal/trees?
    thank you

  22. So I have grown 3 sheep wasted all the drink and they never

  23. My computer isn't any faster or slower, better or worse, according to the time of day; Farmville, however, is. I'm in the UK; for me, Farmville runs slowly in the evenings and today particularly so, what I described before as "treacle mode".
    More; I don't recall a time since I began playing when Farmville wasn't broken, as now; usually as the result of some "enhancement".
    I can live quite happily without Farmville, as I'm sure everyone else here can, but it would be nice if it ran properly. I would love Zynga even more than I do now (I am still getting my supply of FarmCash via PGBold) if they simply knuckled down to making the game run acceptably and forgot about giving us even more rubbish that, inevitably, breaks the game.
    From time to time, when Farmville is especially bad (it's heading that way at present) I go over to FarmTown, which is certainly inferior but at least is stable..sorry about the pun (yes, I'm referring to Zynga's inability/refusal to make that blasted stable work)...
    John Paul Troon (Comment as doesn't seem to have my profile...)

  24. I can wish they would extend CUPID'S STABLE one more week to allow a lot of us that still need pony's to complete the collection and 1) the limits on how many you could collect off your wall, 2) The problem getting into our craft shop to make the arrows, 3) the hours you had to wait before you could feed them arrows again. Please Please Extend just 1 more week!


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