MYSTERY DART GAME: February 13th, 2012

Farmville Mystery Game 13th Feb 2012
This week’s mystery game is Anti-Love themed… A mixture of animals and a deco, and a new bird on stick as the bonus prize… Lets have a look at these prizes…

Below is the list of the prizes in the mystery game this week, in the order of their rarity in the game… Hover mouse over the images for their names and rarity status…
Farmville Black Cherry PegacornFarmville Black Cherry Mini HorseFarmville Black Cherry DragonFarmville Black Duck PondFarmville Broken Heart DogFarmville Black Cupid Cat
The Bonus prize for winning all the above 6 prizes in the game is Black Owl
Farmville Black Owl

Will you be playing the Mystery Game this week?

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  1. waiting for my free

  2. the only one i like is the bird on a stick and i am not spending the money for it. screw it.

    1. I've seen that owl in action. QUITE LOVELY! =)

  3. I never received a free dart for this one yet. Has Zynga given them out yet???

  4. i haven't recieved my free dart yet, when will i get it thx

  5. any idea where the dragon is under?

  6. got the draggon - bottom RH corner :)

  7. thats funny live chat for farmville doesnt work right ...unless you do this....FOR GOOGLE CHROME USERS ONLY ,

    1. Load farm through

    2. Click on Support on the bottom of your farm , This will open a new page.

    3. In the search of the new page type ( Live Chat )

    4. Once the if you do not get the live chat box to pop up , Click on Empires & Aliens

    5. the Zynga dog will pop up for live chat , Click and bring up the box to put your info in but DO NOT put your info in yet .

    6. Go back to the main support page and click on FARMVILLE , Then go back to the chat box where you put your info into, and on the very top left will be the google chrome symbol , Click on that , and you will see where it says RELOAD , reload and this will reload the chat box, and it should then say farmville live support , , then you will put your info in . and you will be in farmville live chat

    I hope this explains it enough so you all understand it :o)


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